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Anime Hajime Review: Please Twins

Original Run: July 15, 2003 - October 14, 2003
Number of Episodes: 12
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, Science Fiction

***Warning, the following may contain spoilers for Please Twins. Reader discretion is advised. ***

Series Synopsis

Abandoned at a young age, Maiku Kamishiro (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa) has never had a family. But in an old photograph, alongside a younger Maiku in front of a small countryside house, is his twin sister. Although he has no memory of her, this girl may Maiku’s only connection to his past.

Having located the house in the photo, Miaku moves into the place and lives a quiet life. Then, everything changes with a sudden knock at his door.

A girl named Miina Miyafuji (voiced by Mai Nakahara) tells Maiku that she has been looking for his house since it’s the one in a picture she has owned her whole life. It would appear the long-lost twins have finally been reunited. But things are never that simple.

That same day, there is a second knock at the door. Standing there is Karen Onodera (voiced by Ai Shimizu). She tells the same story and carries the same picture as Miina.

After years of searching, Maiku has finally found his twin sister. However, he still isn’t sure who she is.

Series Positives

Why does Please Teacher exist? Of all the shows to have a sequel, freaking Please Teacher has one.

Granted, this series was more of a spin-off, but still. I would never have thought we would return to this universe.

Therefore, my expectations were at rock bottom. How could they not have been when Please Teacher was awful. With annoying characters, a bogus story, nonsense plot devices, and a concept that was utterly wasted, what was there to look forward to?

As such, Please Twins was pretty much dead on arrival. Thus, imagine my surprise when I ended up liking this.

You didn’t misread that. I said that I like Please Twins. I would never have guessed it, but this was a massive improvement.

For starters, let’s remember that the cast of characters from Please Teacher was a joke. In Please Twins, Maiku Kamishiro, Miina Miyafuji, and Karen Onodera couldn’t have been more different.

Throughout this series, it was clear that these three characters liked each other. Although they would bicker from time to time, this trio was supportive of one another. Each of them had their good sides, their dark sides, and everything that comes in between.

Maiku wanted a family, but he was afraid of hurting the girl that wasn’t his sister. He had a decent sense of what was happening around him. He knew when to be a caring ear and when to give someone their space.

Unlike many of the characters from Please Teacher, Maiku was likable.

Miina was full of energy and charisma, two elements missing in Please Teacher. She was also playful and funny; there were instances when this show managed to laugh out of me. However, Miina wasn’t all happy-go-lucky. Her life had not been an easy one. As a result, she had never felt like she belonged and wasn’t sure how to be part of a family. Her problems felt real, and unlike its predecessor, Please Twins force anything down our throats.

Karen was shy, adorable, and conscious of other people’s feelings. She went out of her way to ensure others were happy, even if it meant giving up her desires. Be that as it may, Karen wasn’t a pushover either.

Despite being softer in both tone and demeanor, Karen’s fortitude was every bit as strong as Miina’s. Of all the characters, Karen was the one I cared for the most, a sentiment I have never felt when watching this series.

And though the three leads were great, Onegai Twins took things a step further and did something I didn’t think was possible. This show got me to like characters from Please Teacher.

Many of the same people from the first series make an appearance. The show didn’t change who they were, but it did them better roles to play. Both Mizuho Kazami and Ichigo Morino (voiced respectively by Kikuko Inoue and Yukari Tamura) flourished as supporting characters.

Hell, Please Twins even found the best way to use Kei Kusanagi, Please Teacher’s failure of a protagonist. This series put him in the background and never let him say a word.

As for the story, the stupid Standstills from Please Teacher weren’t even referenced Please Twins. Every significant plot point introduced in this series had a purpose, unlike the whole aline thing in the last installment.

On the whole, Please Twins was more complete.

This show also did a fantastic job of keeping the identity of Maiku’s sister’s secret. Even right before the big reveal, I had no idea which direction this series would go. Please Twins pulled this off by turning the outcome into a bittersweet moment.

Mina and Karen developed feelings for Maiku; thus, neither wanted to act on their feelings in fear of being related. However, everyone wanted to know if they were family since not knowing had dominated all three characters’ lives.

Was it better to be a sister to gain a brother or lose a brother to gain a partner?

To this show’s everlasting credit, it didn’t wuss out. Please Twins made a choice.

Series Negatives

Please Twins never explained one crucial detail.

Since one of the girls wasn’t the twin, how did they have a copy of the Maiku’s photograph? Although this was a massive oversight, it wasn’t the main thing that held this series back.

I wish I could say it was possible to watch Please Twins as a standalone series. There was just enough overlap with Please Teacher to make things confusing for someone who hasn’t watch both shows.

Given that Please Teacher and Please Twins existed in the same universe, it would make sense that the latter might reference the former. However, whenever Please Twins did this, it never fit with what happened to be going on at the time, like when Please Teacher’s alien plotline came up.

Mizuho’s weird little chibi helper made a return, and no one bothered questioning it. Nobody ever wondered why a small dildo-esque creature was flying around and appearing from out of nowhere. Not to mention Please Twins often relied on Mizuho’s helper to move the narrative along.

Please Twins would have been so much better if the only thing connecting it to its predecessor had been its name.

Final Thoughts

To tell you the truth, I learned of this series not long after reviewing the original. I accepted the fact that I would eventually have to get this one but kept putting it off. I was convinced it would only be entering into a dumpster fire. I was wrong.

This show had great characters and a story that will keep you guessing until the end. Though I never thought I would be saying this, Please Twins has earned a recommendation.

But these are just my thoughts. What are yours? Have you seen this series? How would you advise Please Twins? Leave a comment down below because I would love to hear what you have to say.

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