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LofZOdyssey Anime Reviews February 2020 Schedule

Monthly Theme: The Fall 2019 Showcase Part 2

***Note: Schedule is subject to change.***

All posts will be released at 5:00 PM PST on their respective day. 

Schedule Key

Anime Hajime Review   Anime Eiga Review   Anime Ichiban

Anime Hajime Impressions   Out and About

February 3

Vinland Saga


February 5



February 7

Hoshiai no Sora


February 10

No Guns Life


February 12


February 14


The 2nd Annual LofZOdyssey Highlights – 2019

For full details, click HERE.

February 17: The Top Ten Best Opening Songs

February 18: The Top Ten Best Animation

February 19: The Top Ten Best Characters

February 20: The Top Anime of 2019 (20 – 11)

February 21: The Top Anime of 2019 (10 – 1)


February 24

5th Anniversary – Thank You


February 28 


1 comment

  1. Hi there! I really enjoy reading your reviews, and so far I’ve agreed with most all of them and thought they represented the series well.

    If possible, I think it would be cool to see a review of Dragonar Academy, as it’s the worst anime I’ve seen to date and it’s been pretty hard to find someone who will do an honest review on the anime and not just write about how amazing it is because of how disgustingly lewd it is.

    Just a heads up if you haven’t seen it yet, if you don’t want to see ‘loli’ (or pedophilia as I like to call it) don’t watch the show.

    In my honest opinion I found it extremely hard to get past a single episode as there’s barely any story, the plot is literally just naked women, and overall it’s the most God awful anime I’ve seen.

    Either way I’d like to see your opinion on it as you’re very good at giving detailed reviews on anime that are fair and reasonable.

    Thanks a lot!



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