Thank You

Thank You – Five Years of LofZOdyssey Anime Reviews

Please allow me to say it loudly and clearly:

Thank You For



Although it is cliche to phrase it like this, I honestly can’t think of another way to put it. I cannot believe it has been five years since I started this site.

Granted, if you are looking at the current iteration of LofZOdyssey Anime Reviews, that half-decade history isn’t as obvious. After all, even though it has been a full year since the switch took effect, I still haven’t moved all my older reviews from my former home. In fact, there were several promises made a year ago that were never followed-up on.

Therefore, I won’t be making any new ones this year.

However, I can tell you what is currently in the works.

First, by the end of 2020, I will be saying goodbye to Japan. I have loved living in the country of anime, but my return to the United States has arrived at last. That does not mean the end of the site, not in the slightest. But, definitely, a central aspect of LofZOdyssey Anime Reviews will be lying dormant for a while. Perhaps, and I genuinely wish this to be true, someday I will return to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Second, I have been branching out. I am a regular anime contributor for both The Outerhaven and Comic Watch. In recent months, I have also been trying to make it so that my writing is my livelihood, too. Things are moving slowly, but they are moving. With any luck, by the end of this year, I can finally say I make a living as a writer.

Finally, a second LofZOdyssey site is under construction. I won’t give any details now, but what I have planned I hope you will all find enjoyable.

With that, let me say one more time:

Thank you all so very much, and here’s to another year.

I’m LofZOdyssey, and I’ll see you next time.


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