Benkyou Cardcaptor Sakura Series

Anime Hajime Impressions: Benkyou – Cardcaptor Sakura Episodes 6 to 10

Original Run: April 7, 1998 - March 21, 2000
Number of Episodes: 70
Based on the Series Created By: CLAMP

As A Reminder:  Anime Hajime Impressions: Benkyou is not a review series. Anime Hajime’s LofZOdyssey attempts to watch an anime in Japanese with no English subtitles. Therefore, misinterpretations and misunderstandings are possible.

Feel free to leave comments, clarifications, and thoughts in the comments section below.

Episode 1 to 5 Recap

Sakura Kinomoto finds a book containing a stack of mystery “Clow Cards.” With the power of the cards released, their guardian, the yellow flying cat Cerberus, anoints Sakura to the role of Cardcaptor. Whenever a mysterious being causes trouble, Sakura must hunt down and seal the spirit back into where it belongs.

Along with Cerberus, Sakura is often aided by her best friend Tomoyo Daidouji, who knows of and supports Sakura’s life as a Cardcaptor. Together, these three have, so far, managed to defeat the craftiest of opponents and are slowly starting putting the Clow Deck back together.

Episode 6

 Japanese Title: さくらとおかおさんの思い出
 Romaji Title: Sakura to Okaa-san no Omoide
 English Title: Sakura and Memories of Her Mother 

Episode Summary

One of Sakura’s classmates tells of a ghostly encounter they had in a nearby forest. Despite Sakura’s objections, she and her friends head off to investigate. To everyone’s surprise, the group actually does run into a specter, and they promptly run away. However, although everyone saw something, no one saw the same thing.

Afterward, Cerberus tells Sakura that the “ghost” may be a Clow Card. While considering this idea, Sakura grows nostalgic, recalling her deceased mother, Nadeshiko. Sakura was very young when Nadeshiko passed, and as a result, she doesn’t remember her well.

Later that night, Sakura, Cerberus, and Tomoyo head back into the forest. On this occasion, instead of running into a ghost, Sakura encounters the image of her mother. Before realizing what she is doing, Sakura falls into the being’s trap. What saves the young Cardcaptor is the helpful hand of a mysterious protector.

Undeterred, Sakura returns to the forest for a final confrontation. Sakura sees past the trick and captures the Illusion Clow Card, which takes the form of whatever a person happens to be thinking about at the moment.

The episode ends with Sakura’s mother silently watching over her beloved daughter.

Principle Characters

Sakura Kinomoto

  • Voiced By: Sakura Tange

A fourth-year elementary school student. An athletic, energetic girl, Sakura takes on the role of Cardcaptor to search for and seal away the mysterious Clow Cards.

Nadeshiko Kinomoto

  • Voiced By: Yuko Minaguchi

Sakura’s deceased mother. Nadeshiko passed when Sakura was only three-years-old. Therefore, Sakura has few memories of her.

Episode 7

 Japanese Title: さくらの怪盗初挑戦!
 Romaji Title: Sakura no Kaitou Hatsu Chousen!
 English Title: Sakura’s First Attempt as a Thief 

Episode Summary

Sakura’s class is on a field trip to the local art museum. While there, Sakura sees a child trying to alter one of the paintings. The kid tries to explain that the picture was their father’s, and someone has changed it. As this is happening, Sakura notices the figure in the painting move, and then suddenly, the whole world turns quiet.

After the spell subsides, Sakura discovers the child’s name is Yuuki Tachibana.

With help from Tomoyo and Cerberus, Sakura deduces the painting’s figure to be Silent Clow Card, a being that can eliminate all sound. The group then decides to break into the art gallery that night to seal away the spirit.

Back at the museum, Sakura runs into Yuuki, who’s still trying to obtain the Clow Card painting. According to the child, the piece was Yuuki’s father’s final work before his death. Therefore, Yuuki cannot forgive the person who dared to changed it.

Sakura agrees to help Yuuki restore the painting. However, every time they get close to it, the Silent activates.

After a few attempts, Sakura realizes she can use one of her previously caught Clow Cards to seal away the Silent. With the dead done, Yuki’s father’s painting returns to its original state.

As the episode ends, a mysterious stranger can be seen watching Sakura, a stranger who seems to know about the Clow Cards.

Principal Characters

Sakura Kinomoto

  • Voiced By: Sakura Tange

A fourth-year elementary school student. An athletic, energetic girl, Sakura takes on the role of Cardcaptor to search for and seal away the mysterious Clow Cards.

Yuuki Tachibana

  • Voiced By: Taeko Kawata

A second-grader Sakura meets at an art museum. Yuuki’s father was an artist whose final painting became possessed by a Clow Card.

Episode 8

 Japanese Title: さくらのリバル、登場!
 Romaji Title: Sakura no Raibaru, Toujou!
 English Title: Sakura’s Rival Appears 

Episode Summary

Sakura has the same dream she had back in episode one, but with one significant difference. Instead of herself, Sakura sees a boy wearing ancient Chinese clothing.

The next day, a new transfer student arrives in Sakura’s class, Syaoran Li from Hong Kong. Although Sakura has never met him, Syaoran continues to give Sakura a mean death stare throughout the day. At lunch, Syaoran confronts Sakura and reveals that he too is hunting down Clow Cards.

That afternoon, a sudden thunderstorm strikes, but the lightning produced by it behaves unnaturally. Before long, the storm dissipates.

Back at home, Sakura learns from Cerberus that Syaoran is most likely from the Li family. For generations, the Li clan has been studying the Clow Cards and their magic. As Cerberus is explaining, the mysterious storm returns, forcing Sakura to investigate the phenomenon.

Sure enough, the unusual weather is the work of the Thunder Clow Card. While fighting, Syaoran appears wearing the same Chinese outfit Sakura saw in her dream. With Syaoran’s skill and expertise, the Thunder card is easily defeated.

Despite Sakura’s effort as a Cardcaptor thus far, Syaoran tells her that she is not up to the task of hunting down the Clow Cards.

Principal Characters

Sakura Kinomoto

  • Voiced By: Sakura Tange

A fourth-year elementary school student. An athletic, energetic girl, Sakura takes on the role of Cardcaptor to search for and seal away the mysterious Clow Cards.

Syaoran Li

  • Voiced By: Motoko Kumai

Sakura’s rival. Syaoran’s family knows all about the Clow Cards. Like Sakura, Syaoran is trying to recover the lost pieces of the deck.

Episode 9

 Japanese Title: さくらとふしぎなブローチ
 Romaji Title: Sakura to Fushigi na Burouchi
 English Title: Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch 

Episode Summary

Still down after her encounter with Syaoran, Sakura has lost much of her confidence. Seeing this, Tomoyo suggests they and their friend Rika Sasaki head off to a small antique shop.

While there, Sakura finds a collection of broaches. To help convince Sakura to buy the one she likes, both Tomoyo and Rika pick out a broach for themselves. However, unbeknownst to the girls, the broach Rika chooses gives off an eerie air.

Back at Sakura’s house, the girls try on their new trinkets. As soon as Rika pins hers on, she becomes possessed. Rika’s broach then transforms into a sword, which Rika uses to attack Sakura. Rika’s mind has been taken over by the Sword Clow Card.

Reluctantly, Sakura faces off against her friend. During the face-off, Syaoran shows up ready to fight, but Sakura refuses to let him hurt Rika. Forcing Syaoran to stay out of it, Sakura manages to release Rika from the spell and defeat the Sword card by herself.

Principal Characters

Sakura Kinomoto

  • Voiced By: Sakura Tange

A fourth-year elementary school student. An athletic, energetic girl, Sakura takes on the role of Cardcaptor to search for and seal away the mysterious Clow Cards.

Rika Sasaki

  • Voiced By: Tomoko Kawakami

One of Sakura’s best friends and classmates. Rika has a crush on her and Sakura’s homeroom teacher.

Episode 10

 Japanese Title: さくらと花の運動会
 Romaji Title: Sakura to Hana no Undoukai
 English Title: Sakura and the Sports Day of Flowers 

Episode Summary

It is Sports Day at Sakura’s school.

As Sakura and Tomoyo wait for their parents to arrive, Sakura realizes that she has never met Tomoyo’s mother. Around lunchtime, Sakura’s father, Fuitaka Kinomoto, final makes it to the school. As fate would have it, his appearance coincides with Tomoyo’s mother’s, Sonomi Daidouji.

To Sakura and Tomoyo’s surprise, Fujitaka and Sonomi know each other. It turns out that Sonomi was best friends with Sakura’s mother, Nadeshiko. Additionally, Sonomi still holds a grudge towards Fujitaka, believing he had stolen Nadeshiko from her back in high school.

During the parent race portion of Sports Day, a mysterious rain of flower peddles begins to fall. Sakura believes this to be the work of a Clow Card. Sure enough, she discovers the Flower. Fortunately, unlike past encounters, the Flower is not a hostile spirit, and Sakura seals it away without much fuss.

The episode ends with Sonomi and Fujitaka taking solace that someone as special as Nadeshiko was once a part of their lives. 

Principal Characters

Sakura Kinomoto

  • Voiced By: Sakura Tange

A fourth-year elementary school student. An athletic, energetic girl, Sakura takes on the role of Cardcaptor to search for and seal away the mysterious Clow Cards.

Tomoyo Daidouji

  • Voiced By: Junko Iwao

Sakura’s best friend. Tomoyo loves taking pictures and videos and is especially fond of Sakura. Coming from a wealthy family, she joins Sakura on her Cardcaptor missions.

Sonomi Daidouji

  • Voiced By: Miki Itou

Mother of Tomoyo Daidouji. Sonomi was best friends with Nadeshiko Kinomoto, Sakura’s mother. Sonomi still resents Sakura’s father for winning Nadeshiko’s heart.

Fujitaka Kinomoto

  • Voiced By: Hideyuki Tanaka

Father of Sakura. Fujitaka works as a college professor. He was the high school teacher of his wife and Sakura’s mother, Nadeshiko.

Thoughts and Impressions

I still believe I am following this series along well enough. However, we are getting more in-depth with the story and character backgrounds. Therefore, there have been a lot more exposition scenes, and the Japanese during these moments are proving to be a bit challenging.

Still, enough workable information is getting through to me, and I can usually piece things together. Thus, I am not too worried about moving forward.

I will say that these past few episodes were more in line with classic magical girl stereotypes – specifically classic 90’s magical girl stereotypes. In a way, I am thankful since this has allowed me to predict what will happen. So, I haven’t needed to one-hundred-percent rely on understanding all the Japanese. Although this is not my favorite thing to see, I won’t complain about it now.

I suspect Cardcaptor Sakura is about to get more complicated. While that will test my language skills quite significantly, this also means we should be getting into the real meat of this series.

Thanks for following along with me. If you’ve seen this series and feel I am wrong in my descriptions, please let me know in the comments below. I wouldn’t want to put this show in an inaccurate light.

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For Anime Hajime, I’m LofZOdyssey, and I’ll see you next week for Cardcaptor Sakura Episodes 11 to 15.

Episodes 1 to 5
Episodes 11 to 15

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