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Anime Hajime Impressions: World Trigger – Episodes 25 to 32

World Trigger

Episodes 25 to 32

During the winter 2021 season, the popular science-fiction action anime World Trigger received a long-awaited sequel. In addition, a third installment is scheduled for a fall 2021 airing.

For context, the first entry in this ten-part Impressions series released in September 2021.

Needless to say, World Trigger fans must be happy (about season two, not, necessarily about what Anime Hajime is doing). Granted, I can only guess at that since I can’t consider myself a World Trigger fan; I have not seen the show – yet. Nevertheless, I have heard this series come up in conversation once or twice, and I can appreciate how exciting a continuation must be.

As such, isn’t it our role here at Anime Hajime to highlight the newest World Trigger chapters? It wouldn’t be right of us to ignore big-name titles.

There is just one problem – World Trigger season one tapped out at 73 EPISODES.

That…that’s a bit daunting. Nevertheless, I intend to do it, and I would like YOU to join me for the ride.

From September 7 to November 9, 2021, Anime Hajime will be showcasing World Trigger, episode by episode. Follow along and witness as I either grow more and more excited or descend into utter madness.

Then on November 16, 2021, watch out for the official Anime Hajime Review: World Trigger.

With all that said, let’s dive into World Trigger, episodes 25 to 32.

Episode 25 – The Most Powerful Squad in Border

Episode Synopsis

Aftokrator is going after the under-protected C-Rank Border agents. The enemy’s Rabbit soldiers have captured several agents, including A-Rank Ai Kitora, and their next target is Chika Amatori.

With the battle raging around her, Chika freezes up in fear. Osamu Mikumo fights desperately to protect his friend. Still paralyzed, Chika remembers Yuma Kuga’s encouragement, and she realizes this is why she became a Border agent.

Chika unleashes her immense Trion power, and in that instant, she becomes the number one objective for Aftokrator.

To secure Chika, Aftokrator sends several of its top Captains into the fight. Simultaneously, Border’s strongest squad, Osamu, Yuma, and Chika’s own Tamakoma seniors, arrive to aid their comrades.

All around the feild, Aftokrator and Border agents come face to face.

Episode Impressions

I feel I have said this quite a bit already during this Impressions series, but it does bear repeating:

World Trigger is quick to dish out exposition.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but frankly, I couldn’t care less about the intricacies of Trigger technology. More specifically, whatever details there are, can’t they wait until after a fight? Stopping a battle to explain why a combatant is strong takes time away from simply showing why they are so.

World Trigger

Episode 26 – Fierce fight! Enedora vs. Kazama Squad

Episode Synopsis

Aftokrator Captain and Black Trigger wielder Enedora faces up against Border’s Kazama Squad. Although Enedora believes victory will be easy, the Kazama Squad proves far more competent than he anticipated. Enedora had not counted on the squad’s attacker, Shiro Kikuchihara’s, Side Effect that give him and his squadmates enhanced hearing.

It appears the Kazama Squad is turning the fight in their favor when the true power of Enedora’s Black Trigger reveals itself. In an instant, the squad’s leader, Soya Kazama, takes a critical hit and must Bail Out.

All around the battlefield, Border struggles to keep up with Aftokrator’s attacks. However, the agency’s best operatives are making their move, including Yuuichi Jin.

Worryingly, Yuuichi Side Effect tells him this fight can end in several possible scenarios. He meets up with Yuma Kuga, explains the situation, and the two prepare to join up with Osamu Mikumo. Fate is rapidly approaching a critical crossroads, and Yuuichi is determined to prevent the worst outcome from transpiring, the one where Osamu dies.

Episode Impressions

Do you know what I hate worse than exposition dumps during fights – backstories. I don’t understand why shows think this is an okay thing to do. What is the point of stopping the flow of battle to tell us information that could wait until later?

To say something encouraging, it would appear some truly epic matchups are about to take place. I will note, Aftokrator appears quite overconfident; it would be nice to see their smugness shatter.

World Trigger

Episode 27 – Border on the Counterattack

Episode Synopsis

Border’s top squads are beginning to figure out how the Aftokrator Captains fight. Therefore, Border starts to use its numerical advantage to turn the tables.

In particular, members of the Kusakabe, Miwa, and Tachikawa Squads – Shun Midorikawa (Kusakabe), Yosuke Yoneya (Miwa), and Kohei Izumi (Tachikawa) – have pushed one of the Aftokrator Captains, Ranbanein, into a corner. The agent’s extensive training and solid teamwork prove quite the challenge for the Aftokrator Captain, and he cannot counter their attacks.

After a complex diversion, Yosuke delivers a critical hit.

 Episode Impressions

Technically, this could not have been more of a throw-away episode. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it quite a bit. For the first time during this batch, World Trigger just let the action happen. And would you look at that, it was fun.

What I like most about Border agents is their lack of big-headedness. Hardly anyone thinks they are untouchable. Everyone plays to their strengths, but they are keenly aware that they are fighting enemies they don’t fully understand. Therefore, it is likely there are tactics and techniques they have never encountered before.

It is nice to see the gamesmanship going on.

World Trigger

Episode 28 – Organon User

Episode Synopsis

Tamakoma’s Reiji Kizaki takes on two of Aftokrator’s Captains, Hyuse and Viza, and he is holding his own quite well.

The captains realize Reiji is merely distracting them so that their target, Chika Amatori, can get away. To end the struggle, Viza unleashes one of Aftokrato’s National Treasures, the Black Trigger Organon.

Within seconds, Reiji Bails Out, and the two captains head to capture Chika.

Osamu Mikumo, Chika, and the rest of the C-Ranks make it to HQ. But before they can get inside, Hyuse and Viza catch up. And just when everything appears hopeless, Yuma Kuga and Yuuichi Jin arrive and face off with the Aftokrator Captains.

World Trigger

Episode 29 – A Crossroads of Fate

Episode Synopsis

Yuma Kuga and Yuuichi Jin take on Aftokrato’s Viza and Hyuse, thus giving Osamu Mikumo time to get his group to safety. However, despite keeping up with Aftokrato’s power, Yuuichi knows the critical crossroad that will determine Osamu’s fate is quickly approaching.

Meanwhile, Aftokrato’s Enedora has infiltrated Border HQ. Although the invader makes quick work of the building’s defenses, he is grossly unaware of the facility’s capabilities. Enedora walks right into Border’s training simulators, which nerfs all Trion-based attacks.

Episode Impressions

This episode highlighted a massive point against World Trigger. Yes, the show is still fun, but the amount of padding within it is getting ridiculous. This was mostly a recap segment. It illustrated how this series has no reason to be seventy-plus episodes long.

As you might be noticing, the summaries are getting shorter and shorter. These most recent episodes have been either pure action (which has been fine) or unnecessary filler (which has been less fine).

World Trigger

Episode 30 – The Enemy Captain, Hyrein

Episode Synopsis

Having struggled for so long, Border begins to turn the flow of battle in their favor. Seeing this, Aftokrato realizes they will need to play their best card to obtain Chika Amatori’s Trion Energy.

Osamu Mikumo leads Chika and the rest of the C-Rank agents to safety when a hoard of Rabbits intercept them. Although they receive immediate reinforcement from a handful of A-Ranks, everyone is utterly unprepared for what comes next.

Having decided to join the fray, Aftokrato’s Commander, Hyrein, appears. He decimates the Border Agents, even lands a critical hit on Chika.

Episode Impressions

I’ve noticed it throughout this series, but it has been particularly prominent during these last few episodes. World Trigger’s animation is not great.

Actually, if we are being honest, the visuals look incredibly cheap. All the usual money-saving tactics are here:

  • Minimal movement
  • Reused reactions
  • Lots of easy to animate scream-offs

Fortunately, this series makes up for this by having an exciting story and likable characters.

World Trigger

Episode 31 – Osamu Mikumo’s Determination

Episode Synopsis

Hyrein’s attack turns Chika Amatori into a Trion Cube. Osamu Mikumo grabs the still alive Chika and makes a mad dash for Border HQ. Soon, though, Rabbits overtake and pin Osamu down.

But right before the Rabbits’ finishing blow lands, Replica appears and blocks the attack.

Having copied the Rabbit’s data, Replica creates a duplicate of the monster, thus giving Osamu the chance to escape.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Enedora manages to break out of the training simulator. However, before he can commence his assault on the compound, Border’s HQ Director, Masafumi Shinoda, makes it to the scene.

For the first time, Enedora struggles to take control of the fight. But just when it seems Director Shinoda has delivered the decisive strike, Enedora unleashes the attack that has defeated every Border agent thus far.

Episode Impressions

It is amazing. The penultimate episode for each of these batches has been incredibly epic.

If I didn’t know any better, it is almost as if this series’s creators intended for people to watch World Trigger in eight-episode chunks.

World Trigger

Episode 32 – Implacable Enedora

Episode Synopsis

Although Enedora’s strike on Director Masafumi Shinoda was true, it also played right into Border’s trap. Having figured out Enedora’s abilities, Border successfully eliminates Enedora from the fight.

Knowing he has lost, Enedora waits for rescue. However, when help does come, Aftokrato only retrieves Enedora’s Black Trigger. With his usefulness spent, Aftokrato disposes of Enedora for good.

Back on the ground, Tamakoma’s Kyousuke Karasuma has given Osamu Mikumo all the time he can provide. Thus, Kyousuke activates his ultimate weapon, Geist.

As for Yuuichi Jin’s prediction, there are only 580 seconds left before the decisive crossroad event.

Episode Impressions

Like the previous penultimates have been exciting, the finales for these episode batches haven’t lived up to the hype.

Again, this show is fun, but it does drag itself out. As a result, things are not as good as they otherwise should be.

World Trigger

Final Thoughts

Fundamentally, World Trigger is a good show; that is the only thing saving it.

Looking at all the stunts this series pulls – the wordy expositions, the cheap-looking animation, etc. – I should probably not like it. And yet, I do; I really, really do. The action is fun, the characters are enjoyable, and the story has my attention.

And there are no signs of that letting up.

Thanks for following along with me. If you’ve seen this series and feel I am wrong in my descriptions, please let me know in the comments below.

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For Anime Hajime, I’m Odyssey, and I’ll see you next week as we continue World Trigger with Episodes 33 to 40.

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