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Anime Hajime Impressions: World Trigger – Episodes 41 to 48

World Trigger

Episodes 41 to 48

During the winter 2021 season, the popular science-fiction action anime World Trigger received a long-awaited sequel. In addition, a third installment is scheduled for a fall 2021 airing.

For context, the first entry in this ten-part Impressions series released in September 2021.

Needless to say, World Trigger fans must be happy (about season two, not, necessarily about what Anime Hajime is doing). Granted, I can only guess at that since I can’t consider myself a World Trigger fan; I have not seen the show – yet. Nevertheless, I have heard this series come up in conversation once or twice, and I can appreciate how exciting a continuation must be.

As such, isn’t it our role here at Anime Hajime to highlight the newest World Trigger chapters? It wouldn’t be right of us to ignore big-name titles.

There is just one problem – World Trigger season one tapped out at 73 EPISODES.

That…that’s a bit daunting. Nevertheless, I intend to do it, and I would like YOU to join me for the ride.

From September 7 to November 9, 2021, Anime Hajime will be showcasing World Trigger, episode by episode. Follow along and witness as I either grow more and more excited or descend into utter madness.

Then on November 16, 2021, watch out for the official Anime Hajime Review: World Trigger.

With all that said, let’s dive into World Trigger, episodes 41 to 48.

Episode 41 – An Impertinent Rookie

Episode Synopsis

Tamakoma 2’s second B-Rank War battle is reaching its climax. Although the rookie squad holds its own, the veteran Suwa and Arafune Squads prove a worthy challenge.

However, Osamu Mikuo’s meticulous planning pays off. Despite Suwa and Arafune’s experience, they prove to be no match for Tamakoma 2’s raw skill and pinpoint strategy.

To the astonishment of the watching crowd, Tamakoma 2 pulls off another stunning victory.

Episode Impressions

I could do without the commentary.

It is starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but it does bear repeating:

World Trigger cannot help itself with the exposition.

This point is a real shame since when there is action, it’s good. Whatever this show wants to get across, the actual battles say all needs saying.

World Trigger

Episode 42 – Ko Murakami of Suzunari-1

Episode Synopsis

Tamakoma 2 is riding a small wave of elation following their recent victory in the B-Rank Wars. However, there is no time to rest; their next match is on the horizon.

This time Tamakoma will face the Nasu and Suzunari-1 Squads.

During this respite, Yuma Kuga spends a few rounds in mock battles. Like always, his immense strength is the talk of Border. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Ko Murakami of the Suzunari-1 Squad makes an appearance.

Wanting to get a feel for each other, Yuma and Ko agree to a match. To a stunned crowd, Ko soundly defeats Yuma. However, this loss only gets Yuma more excited for the actual battle.

Episode Impressions

Perhaps it’s just me, but it feels like this series is never running out of ace Border agents. You would think at this point in the show we would have met everyone worth mentioning. But no, there always appears to be at least one more “legendary” warrior in the organization.

World Trigger

Episode 43 – Nasu Squad’s Choice

Episode Synopsis

Tamakoma 2, a.k.a., Mikumo Squad, realize their next two opponents, Nasu and Kurma (Suzunari-1) Squads, will be unlike anything they have yet to face. In particular, Kurama Squad’s Ko Murakami’s Side Effect will prove to be especially tricky.

However, Osamu Mikumo knows that if he focuses all his efforts on countering a single person, his team will lose. Along with Ko’s Side Effect, Osamu must consider what battleground the Nasu Squad will choose.

After a few frantic days of preparation, the day of the match arrives. Given all the information he had at hand, Osamu feels his team might have a shot. Unfortunately, as soon as the battle begins, Osamu realizes he will have to lead his team to victory on the fly.

 Episode Impressions

Just how we keep mentioning World Trigger’s constant use of exposition, we should also give credit where it is due. Although it is tedious to break up fights with constant talking, there is always time for a bit of strategy.

Border agents, especially the higher-ranking ones, have not believed themselves unbeatable. It would seem most everyone knows that talent and power are not enough to win the day. After all, a competent opponent will take the steps necessary to manipulate the battle in their favor.

Therefore, this show’s best fights have been with fighters who constantly adapt to their situation.

World Trigger

Episode 44 – The Battle in the Foul Weather

Episode Synopsis

Mikumo Squad’s next match has started, and its leader, Osamu Mikumo, realizes the disadvantage they are in. Their opponent, Nasu Squad, has elected to fight in the middle of a fierce rainstorm.

Osamu immediately throws out all the plans he had devised for this fight since none of them are viable. It would seem this battle is the next big test of Osamu’s leadership. And sure enough, he begins to disrupt the other squads’ strategies, even if it just means bringing down a considerable advantage to a smaller one.

Meanwhile, back at Tamakoma HQ, Mikumo Squad’s comrades are eagerly watching the battle unfold. And joining them is a most unexpected guest – the captured Hyuse of Aftokrato.

Episode Impressions

This episode was a perfect example of what I have been saying. Since there was so much happening in this fight, there was less opportunity for unnecessary commentary. Albeit there was some.

Nevertheless, the actual action had to carry the story, and things are shaping up to be an exciting fight. I can’t wait to see how Osamu and his squad counter what is coming.

Plus, I wonder if World Trigger will have the courage to let Mikumo Squad lose occasionally. It doesn’t have to be here, but a defeat does do wonders for character building.

World Trigger

Episode 45 – The Thing That Decides the Battle

Episode Synopsis

As the B-Rank War match continues, the three squad’s aces square off.

Unbeknownst to the Mikumo and Kurma Squads, the Nasu Squad has a lot riding on this battle. It will be the last their team will fight as one. Therefore, they will put all they have into winning. Unfortunately, spirit alone is not enough.

The best Nasu Squad can do is delay the inevitable. Sure enough, the combination of Yuma Kuga and Ko Murakami put an end to the Nasu’s Squad’s run.

Now, Yuma and Ko face off for an all-out rematch.

Episode Impressions

While we can consider something like the B-Rank Wars to be filler, I don’t think that is bad.

Sure, in terms of the overall narrative, nothing is happening. However, episodes such as this have their role to play. In shows that can afford the time, these “filler” episodes are great opportunities for character development.

So far, World Trigger has been taking full advantage of this setup.

World Trigger

Episode 46 – The Ace’s Willpower

Episode Synopsis

Yuma Kuga and Ko Murakami begin their rematch.

Elsewhere on the field, Osamu Mikumo and Chika Amatori contend with the rest of Kurma Squad and the last remaining member of Nasu Squad, Rei Nasu. Although Rei is alone, she appears to be in complete control of the battle.

As for Yuma and Ko, though their fight is fierce, Yuma pulls off a victory once again. However, his win came at a steep cost. Yuma is now, effectively, out of the match.

It is up to Osamu and Chika to finish things. And while most assume the job is too much for them, Osamu has a few final tricks he can utilize.

World Trigger

Episode 47 – The Captain’s Pride

Episode Synopsis

The third round of the B-Rank Wars ends, and Mikumo Squad pulls off another upset.

Following the match, commentators Yuuichi Jin and Kei Tachikawa explain, critique, and praise the three squads’ respective strategies. Although there could only be one winner, all fighters showed incredible improvement.

However, not everyone took such a high view of the match, particularly Mikumo Squad’s performance.

One of Mikumo Squad’s harshest decenters is Osamu Mikumo himself. Despite the win, Osamu knows his strength is lacking.

Episode Impressions

Hey, let’s cut the climax of this cool fight short and spend the rest of the episode talking about why the match we just watched was good.

Seriously, it wouldn’t kill this series to shut up for a moment.

World Trigger

Episode 48 – And Towards the Future

Episode Synopsis

Osamu Mikumo laments his weakness. Unlike Yuma Kuga and Chika Amatori, Osamu feels he is nothing but a burden.

In an unquestionably rash decision, Osamu asks dozens of his Border comrades to spar with him. After well over 100 matches, all of them defeats, Osamu’s confidence has never been lower.

Later that night, while on patrol duty, Osamu runs into a kid who had entered the Restricted Zone. To Osamu’s surprise, the kid had watched Osamu’s speech during the press conferences and wants to become a Border agent like him.

At that moment, a wave of Trion Soldiers appears. Although Osamu takes care of the first batch, he uses up most of his Trion Energy. Right as the last enemy goes in for the kill, Yuma Kuga jumps in and saves Osamu.

Believing he is only slowing his friends down, Osamu wonders if he can ever become a respectable Border agent. Hearing this, Yuma reminds Osamu that no matter what, the two are partners, and that will never change.

Episode Impressions

I like Osamu. That is why it is always frustrating when people continue to give him grief.

I cannot wait for the day when Osamu gets the chance to prove himself to all his naysayers.

World Trigger

Final Thoughts

Apart from the abrupt conclusion of the third round, this was a fun batch of episodes.

At this point in World Trigger, I feel I am quite familiar with its patterns. I also think 73 episodes is far too long because the amount of padding and stretching in this series is ridiculous. However, when this show allows itself to play, it is a lot of fun.

We still have quite a ways to go, but fortunately, I am still having a good time.

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For Anime Hajime, I’m Odyssey, and I’ll see you next week as we continue World Trigger with Episodes 49 to 55.

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