The 4th Annual Anime Hajime Highlights: The Top Anime of 2021

Komi Can’t Communicate

Fall 2021
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This show achieved an Anime Hajime first. This was the first to rank in ALL Anime Hajime Highlights categories. It has achieved: 

  • 7 – Opening Songs
  • 2 – Characters
  • 3 – Animation
  • 2 – Moments

At its core, this series was a slice-of-life, so it had many elements that make the genre what it is, and many of those elements can be divisive. 

But believe us when we tell you, this show had much more. It is, without a doubt, among the best anime to come out of 2021. Heck, it is one of the best series to come out in recent memory.

Komi Can’t Communicate stands tall at the number two spot.

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