The 4th Annual Anime Hajime Highlights: The Top Characters of 2021


Voiced By: Aoi Yuki

Read Anime Hajime’s review of So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I’m a Spider So What was an oddity, and maybe not in the best way. Don’t get me wrong; the series had its moments. Unfortunately, as it neared its conclusion, it wasn’t the most consistent. Except, that was not true for Kumoko. 

Unlike many isekai protagonists, Kumoko started from nothing. Eventually, this little spider became one of, if not the most powerful creature in this series’s world. But to get to that point, they had to risk life and limb. 

And though the journey may have been arduous, Kumoko always had a smile and a sarcastic attitude. It was their story and their story alone that saved this show from becoming another dime-a-dozen anime.

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