The Inaugural Anime Hajime Highlights – Top Anime 20 – 11

The Top Anime of 2018 Part 1 – Entries 20 to 11

I had to make this a top twenty. Even after coming to that conclusion, I still debated and toiled over which series were going to make the cut. I hate to imagine what it would have been like had I just limited myself to only ten.

Nevertheless, here we are – Part One.

Out of the many series from 2018, which were the cream of the crop? Which were always meant to make this list, and which turned out to be huge surprises?

Comedy, drama, adventure, fantasy, horror, there were so many stories from so many genres over the last year. These shows couldn’t have been more different. But, there is one crucial factor which links each of the following entries:

They were all fantastic.

These are the Inaugural Anime Highlights – Top Anime of 2018 (20 to 11):

20. Tada Never Falls in Love

To read my full Tada Never Falls in Love review, please click HERE.

A feel-good series which showcased fun characters, beautiful animation, and a lovely story.

At its core, it didn’t try to do anything big or special. In fact, it played it very by-the-book, so to speak. And yet, that was where Tada Never Falls in Love shone the brightest.

It used elements you would expect from a romantic-comedy in ways you don’t see coming.

19. Hakumai and Mikochi

To read my full Hakumai and Mikochi review, please click HERE.

This series was a treat.

Here was a fantasy story which didn’t rely on the fantastical. Don’t go into this show expecting to go on epic quests and adventures. It was much more laid-back than that.

There was no complicated set-up. No long-winded explanations on how the society worked. It was just day to day life.

And moving it all forward were two outstanding main characters – Hakumei and Mikochi.

18. FLCL Alternative

To read my full FLCL Alternative review, please click HERE.

Don’t let nostalgia get in the way.

FLCL Alternative was a solid follow-up to one of the best anime series of all time.

The new characters were fun and interesting, and some of the old faces got a fresh spin on their distinct personalities. While it is true no sequel could have ever matched the greatness that was FLCL, Alternative stands firm on its own two feet.

17. Happy Sugar Life

To read my full Happy Sugar Life review, please click HERE.

This was the best horror series of 2018, and I’m not just saying that because it is the only horror series in the top twenty. No, it really was that good.

The terror of this show didn’t come from the supernatural or the unknown. Happy Sugar Life didn’t exist in an impossible reality. This was the type of horror that felt real because it’s not hard to imagine.

Plus, having one of the best characters of 2018, Satou Matsuzaka, doesn’t hurt a series either.

16. Asobi Asobase

To read my full Asobi Asobase review, please click HERE.

I don’t know what you think this show might be about, but I have a pretty high suspicion you’re wrong.

And that’s a good thing.

Asobi Asobase’s brand of insane, off-the-wall humor will be hard to forget. There were jokes in this show I can still laugh at just through recall alone.

If you want different, look no further.

15. Gakuen Babysitters

To read my full Gakuen Babysitters review, please click HERE.

I can sum up this series in a single word:


Gakuen Babysitters knew it couldn’t pull off cute simply for the sake of being cute. It never went overboard. It was never too much. There was a lot more thought and a lot more effort put into this show, and the results speak for themselves.

14. Hinamatsuri

To read my full Hinamatsuri review, please click HERE.

It really is best if you go into Hinamatsuri knowing as little as possible about it. Trust me, you won’t regret doing so.

This series worked as well as it did because you have no clue as to what it is going to do next. This show would never entertain the obvious.

It’s not often when I appreciate an anime that was capable of leaving me utterly dumbfounded. But then again, most other anime are not Hinamatsuri.

13. Grand Blue

To read my full Grand Blue review, please click HERE.

If you want a lot of dumb, crazy humor, boy are you in luck.

Grand Blue’s brand of comedy is not easy to define. This series mastered misdirection. This was proof that to do stupid right, you need to have a lot of thought behind it.

In Grand Blue’s case, it knew when to hold back. There were moments when the show calmed down. Those moments didn’t last long, but they did allow this series to turn everything up to eleven unhindered.

12. Zombie Land Saga

To read my full Zombie Land Saga review, please click HERE.

What’s a sure fire way to ensure your series becomes one of the best of the year? How about making it the absolute best show in its entire genre?

Yeah, that would probably do it.

Zombie Land Saga was, without a shred of exaggeration, the best idol anime I have ever seen. With a fantastic sense of humor, terrific characters, and fun music, this was maybe the biggest surprise from 2018.

11. Goblin Slayer

To read my full Goblin Slayer review, please click HERE.

This is not a show for the faint of heart. Some awful things happen within this story. But you need to remember, those awful things are part of the nature of this series.

Goblin Slayer wasn’t a bright, cheery fantasy adventure. It was dark. It was uncomfortable. It was sometimes hard to watch. And yet, that was what made it so good.

This is a series that is going to take you out of your comfort zone, and it doesn’t treat that notion lightly.


All of these shows were outstanding. And if you can believe it, these were only the bottom half of the top twenty.

Did your favorites make the list? If they didn’t, remember, we are not done yet

That is why I want to hear your thoughts. Leave your thoughts in the comments below; we here at Anime Hajime would love to hear what you have to say.

The Inaugural Anime Hajime Highlights continues tomorrow with the second half (entries 10 to 1) of the Top Anime of 2018. Be sure to follow here on Anime Hajime and on all our social media sites, so you don’t miss out.

For Anime Hajime, I’m LofZOdyssey, and we will see you next time.

The Inaugural Anime Hajime Highlights

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