Welcome to Anime Hajime

Hello and welcome dear reader. My name is LofZOdyssey (L・of・Z・Odyssey), or just Odyssey, if you prefer, and I am the founder and editor of Anime Hajime.

On February 22, 2015, I started this site with one goal in mind — to help people find their next anime to enjoy.

It is my firm belief and a fundamental principle here at Anime Hajime that the only person who can determine the perfect series for you – is you.

However, for those who have never really watched anime before, where does one even begin looking?

There are thousands of shows to choose from, with series ranging from every kind of genre you can imagine. Some are long, some are short, and, of course, some are good while others some are downright dreadful. Taking that all in, the amount of choices might as well be endless.

And there are only so many hours in a day.

This is where Anime Hajime can help. Allow this site to be your guide through the vast anime medium.

This site boasts a variety of content that I hope you will enjoy. To see what is coming down the line, please be sure to check the monthly schedule on the homepage. Below is a rundown of what sort of post you will find here.

Anime Hajime Review

These are the standard anime series reviews. These posts will highlight the positives and negatives of a given show. Once weighing the ups and downs, I must decide whether to recommend an anime or not. To search through the entire library, please click on the “Anime Reviews” tab.

Anime Eiga Review

“Eiga” is Japanese for “movie.” As such, these posts are the sites anime film reviews. To find a particular review, please search through the “Film Reviews” tab.

Anime Ichiban

Here is were you can see Anime Hajime’s Top Tens and other lists. Be sure to check every February as this site celebrates the annual Anime Hajime Highlights, a showcasing of the year’s best series. These posts can be found under the “Rankings” tab.

Anime Hajime Impressions

These are my quick thoughts on all anime related productions such as OVAs, shorts, and video games. These posts are not reviews, and are more like gut feelings. These can be found under the “Impressions” tab.

Follow me along as I put my Japanese skills to the test with Anime Hajime Impressions: Benkyou. Here is where I give you my thoughts of an anime I am watching in all Japanese with no English subtitles.

Out and About

Here I leaves the TV and the computer behind. Join as he explores anime out in the real world. These can be found under the “Out and About” tab.

Being in Japan, I have the opportunity to watch anime movies as they release in theaters. However, there are no subtitles for me. Out and About: Eigakan is my chance to test my Japanese skills as the latest anime films come out long before they reach Western shores.

In Conclusion

With any post, I invite you to add your own thoughts and opinions. How would you advise anything I review? Whatever you have to say I would love to hear it.

This site is always growing and improving, and I would be honored if you were a part of it.

Thank you all, and once again, welcome!