The best of the best; the cream of the crop; the kings of the hills. From animation to characters to stories and more, there is always a number one. We here at Anime Hajime try to think about what it is that makes a series great. The factors are many, and some shows do things far better than others. Top tens, top fives, top twenties, you name it, we’ll rank it.

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Top 10s

Anime Ichiban - Comedies 2016
Anime Comedies – 2016 Edition
Anime Ichiban - Couples 2021
Anime Couples – 2021 Edition
Tear Inducing Momets
Tear-Inducing Moments – 2021 Edition
Anime Ichiban - Yamishibai Episodes 2018
Yamishibai Episodes – 2018 Edition


Fruits Basket – The Soumas: Ranking the Zodiac