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Anime Ichiban: The Top Anime Couples – 2021 Edition

The Top Anime Couples – 2021 Edition

There’s nothing quite like a good love story. Watching characters try to make a relationship work can be heartwarming, and seeing them come together – fulfilling. Yes, the romance genre can get a bit sappy at times. Then again, occasionally, isn’t that all we want?

And it’s not just the romance genre, is it? Love stories pop up across action, comedy, and even horror anime. Thus, we can always find a couple to support. However, that leaves us with a dilemma, doesn’t it?

With the entire medium open to us, choosing the top ten couples in all anime is a tad daunting. Therefore, know that this is not a set-in-stone list. In the future, it could very well change. And if it changes enough, you can expect an update.

The following is Anime Hajime’s 2021 edition of the Top Ten Anime Couples.


  1. Couples will only be chosen from ANIME SERIES, either from television or online. Thus, movies and OVAs will be excluded.
  2. Feelings of affection must be MUTUAL. As long as both partners see each other in a romantic light, regardless if they have made their feelings known, they are eligible for this list.
  3. NO SPECULATIVE COUPLES. This means a pairing must be confirmed according to the continuity of their ANIME. Relationship statuses as per their source material, manga, video game (etc.) incarnations are irrelevant. And, of course, popular fan-ships will not count.

10. Edward Elric & Wenry Rockbell

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The characters of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell from 2009’s Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood were massive improvements from their 2003 counterparts.
Ed and Winry being a couple wasn’t a main focus of the Brotherhood story, hence why they rank so low. Them becoming a pair was a byproduct of the narrative. As such, their feelings towards one another came off as natural and not forced.
When it clicked that they had feelings for each other, it wasn’t this overblown moment. They accepted it without any weirdness. Ed and Winry cared about each other, and their actions throughout the series displayed that.

Anime Couples

9. Moriko Morioka & Yuuta Sakurai

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Recovery of an MMO Junkie’s Moriko Morioka and Yuta Sakurai were so damn cute.
When starting this series, I wasn’t expecting one of the most heartwarming romance stories I’ve ever seen. On the contrary, I went into this show thinking it would be serviceable but ultimately forgettable. Boy, was I wrong, and this duo was the main reason for that.
What helped set these two apart was them being an older couple. It was refreshing to get out of high school. Suddenly, so many different options opened up to let these two grow closer. Since many series treat their characters like they are adults anyway, it was nice to have a pair that actually were.
With Moriko’s adorable awkwardness and Yuta’s random bits of smoothness, they were sure to make the cut.

8. Koyomi Araragi & Hitagi Senjougahara


While this franchise does have some harem tendencies, the reality of the matter is:
Koyomi Araragi and Hitagi Senjougahara are the couple of the Monogatari series.
On the surface, these two’s personalities seem far apart; Koyomi and Hitagi do reach extremes. However, their extremes play off each other well.
This has created sincerity in these two’s relationship. Even with Koyomi’s habit of gathering admirers, his heart belongs only to Hitagi. And though she may be unapologetic, Hitagi always means what she says. Therefore, when she says she loves Koyomi, it’s genuine.

7. Ezra Scarlet & Jellal Fernandes

Fairy Tail

Remember the rules. Gray Fullbuster never, in the anime, reciprocated Juvia Lockstar’s feelings. Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia have only ever been close friends.
However, the story is different between Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes.
One of the most memorable moments from Fairy Tail was when these two confronted their past strife. Since then, Erza and Jellal fought side by side, knowing the other would be there for them.
For reasons, they chose to be apart from each other. But no matter what excuses they thought of, everyone knew it was a front. And the two that understood this the best were Erza and Jellal.

6. Nanami Momozono & Tomoe

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Nanami is caring and kind. She has had to deal with many unfortunate things in her life but has taken those challenges in stride. Thus, when she became a god, it was overwhelming, and yet, that didn’t stop her from giving it her best shot. Also, her sarcasm is gold.
Tomoe is a bit of a jerk, or, at least, that’s a persona he prefers to maintain. When we learn what he has been through, it’s not hard to understand where he is coming from. That’s why it makes sense he would be standoffish about allowing someone to get close to him.
These two coming together was like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Both sides were going to be at a loss of what to do. And whatever they did end up doing, it was the thing, deep down, they wanted to do the most; even if they tried to convince themselves otherwise.

5. Rikka Takanashi & Yuuta Togashi

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Rikka Takanashi and Yuuta Togashi were so similar, they made for the perfect match. It would have been one of the world’s great mysteries if these two didn’t become a couple.
Yuuta inspired Rikka’s delusions, and as fate would have it, Rikka would be the one to rekindle Yuuta’s fascination with the dark arts. This was a nice layer to their relationship.
These two gave each other a purpose. They allowed one another to move on from the pain they were holding inside. And when they weren’t ripping your heart out, this duo got quite cute.

4. Kaguya Shinomiya & Miyuki Shirogane

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Talk about stretching the rules. Everyone knows Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya have feelings for each other. However, the only ones who have not said anything about it have been Miyuki and Kaguya.
Still, these two’s entire story is about making the other say “I love you” first. Kaguya-sama Love is War is about a pair of strong-willed individuals who will stop at nothing to prove their crush has feelings for them.
Miyuki and Kaguya work so incredibly well together. They bring about an absurdly entertaining battle of wits and a love story you can help but get sucked into.

3. Kaoru & Hajime Tsunashi

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

It is a shame this series never got a third season. It would be wonderful to see the continuation of Kaoru and Hajime’s story.
This series was great at throwing in tiny details that illustrated how much these two cared about each other. There was a moment where these two were at a restaurant with nothing special going on. Nevertheless, they looked at each other and exchanged a spontaneous “I love you.”
But the best came when something happened that changed these two’s lives in an instant. Once the weight of what happened hit Kaoru, you could see how scared she was. This show was silly and goofy to no end, but at that moment, Hajime’s first instinct was to comfort his wife.
If that’s not love, I’m not sure what is.

2. Takeo Gouda & Rinko Yamato

Ore Monogatari

Never judge a book by its cover, and never assume you know what a love story’s main protagonist should look like.
Early on in this series, you will be rooting for Takeo Gouda. He’s a good guy and is someone you would love to have on your side. He was selfless, caring, and willing to help people at the drop of a hat.
And that’s why it was so easy to love Rinko Yamato as well. The frightening qualities others associated with Takeo, she admired. She was willing to defend her boyfriend should anyone say any rude or hurtful. In fact, she couldn’t understand why Takeo didn’t have more admirers.
Takeo and Rinko were special.

1. Usagi Tsukino & Mamoru Chiba

Sailor Moon

This relationship is the definition of destiny. Past, present, future, this is a couple that has survived the passage of time. And the part of their story we were present for was more than enough to make them memorable.
Once they learned of each other’s alter egos, they realized how important they were to one another. As the series went on, they began to remember their past lives and the roles they would go on to play. Before they knew it, they couldn’t imagine being apart.
There are plenty of love stories. Yet, it will take something game-changing to knock these two off the top.
Until that happens, though, Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba are the best couple in all anime.

Final Thoughts

With romance a prominent feature on this site, the chances of another couple finding a spot in my top ten are not zero. And I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens, should it ever.

But these are just my thoughts. What are yours? Have you seen these shows? What would you say the top Anime Couples are? Leave a comment down below because I would love to hear what you have to say.

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For Anime Hajime, Odyssey, and I’ll see you next time.

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