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Anime Hajime Review: Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle

Original Run: April 6, 2020 - June 22, 2020
Number of Episodes: 12
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Based on the Video Game: White Cat Project

***Warning, the following may contain spoilers for Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle. Reader discretion is advised.***

Series Synopsis

There is an old legend of a beautiful white cat that fell in love with a mysterious black cat. Although they should have been natural enemies, the two cats found peace within one another. They found balance.

Such is the nature between the Light and the Dark.

Leading the Kingdom of Light is Queen Iris (voiced by Yui Horie). She works tirelessly to protect her people from the forces of Darkness and the malice of the King of Darkness. To her surprise, Iris finds an ally in the successor to her great enemy, the Prince of Darkness (voiced by Yuki Kaji).

With the Light and the Dark standing together, there is a chance that the world will finally be able to know peace.

Series Positives

I am exhausted. This series made me so tired. Therefore, if you’re having trouble falling asleep, put on Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle (Shironeko Project) to knock your ass out. My god, this show was dull.

This is meant to be the series positives section of the review. Although I can think of a few nice, superficial things to say, I am more curious as to why you’re reading this post. I mean, I’m glad and honored that you are, but why, though?

Did you click on this review because you’re legitimately curious and are thinking about watching Shironeko Project? Perhaps you’re a fan of the mobile game from which this series is based. Having never played it myself, I can’t speak on the quality of the original game. Still, if it is anything like this show was, I want nothing to do with it. Thus, if you do enjoy the source material, then there is no way Shironeko Project, the anime, is a good representation of it.

After all, action RPGs are meant to be fun and exciting. This series was neither.

It was, however, well animated. There was commendable colorwork, swift movements, and only a minimal amount of blatant CGI. Thanks to a lack of story and cookie-cutter characters, all fight scenes were hollow and uninteresting, but they did look good.


As I am writing this sentence, I am realizing the awkward position my works have put me in. I said that I could think of a few nice thingS (plural) to say about this show. That is woefully untrue. I only had a single ounce of praise to give Shironeko Project – its visuals. As it is, I’m spent on this front.

Spoilers for things to come: I did not care for this show. 

Series Negatives

I got through the first episode. After that, it was downhill.

Aside from general nothingness, there were also a lot of things that didn’t make sense — for example, the Prince of Darkness.

One, apparently, that was his name, Prince of Darkness. It wasn’t until I was writing this review did I realize I never bothered to figure that out. I still don’t care at all, but whatever.

Two, who the hell was he? From what I saw, he was some dirt farmer from Podunk, Nowhere, who only possessed a rudimentary understanding of how to use a sword. Then suddenly, bada bing bada boom, he was the successor to the Dark King.

Fine, I guess.

Then there was this big monster fella that destroyed everything because of reasons. He was pretty much inconsequential to everything. He also looked stupid, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, the monster went away – he was defeated, but, really, who cares – and then Shironeko Project spent the next handful of episodes being an irritating teenage love drama between the higher-ups of both the Light and Dark Kingdoms. Keep in mind; these characters were the people in charge of their respective countries. Lots of:

“OMG, why isn’t he looking at me?”


“Man she’s so cute, let me stand in the corner and brood over this.”


Holy hell, that was unexpectedly violent. Don’t care too much why it happened or what it meant to the story, but jeez.

Shironeko Project, in a nutshell, was precisely what you would expect it to be. The forces of Light equaled good. The forces of Darkness were bad. Nevertheless, they were two sides to the same coin, and there needed to be a balance between them. There were misunderstandings. No one got along. There was the power of friendship, and all the same BS we’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of times before.

This show was what I like to call the bare minimum effort. Therefore, I gave it the bare minimum of my attention.

Final Thoughts

Don’t watch this. It’s that simple.

Aside from decent animation, nothing was redeeming about this show. The story was nothing, the characters were nothing, everything was nothing.

And this series dared to hint at a possible second season.

Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle can be and should be skipped.

But these are just my thoughts. What are yours? Have you seen this series? How would you advise Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle? Leave a comment down below because I would love to hear what you have to say.

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