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Anime Hajime Impressions: World Trigger – Episodes 33 to 40

World Trigger

Episodes 33 to 40

During the winter 2021 season, the popular science-fiction action anime World Trigger received a long-awaited sequel. In addition, a third installment is scheduled for a fall 2021 airing.

For context, the first entry in this ten-part Impressions series released in September 2021.

Needless to say, World Trigger fans must be happy (about season two, not, necessarily about what Anime Hajime is doing). Granted, I can only guess at that since I can’t consider myself a World Trigger fan; I have not seen the show – yet. Nevertheless, I have heard this series come up in conversation once or twice, and I can appreciate how exciting a continuation must be.

As such, isn’t it our role here at Anime Hajime to highlight the newest World Trigger chapters? It wouldn’t be right of us to ignore big-name titles.

There is just one problem – World Trigger season one tapped out at 73 EPISODES.

That…that’s a bit daunting. Nevertheless, I intend to do it, and I would like YOU to join me for the ride.

From September 7 to November 9, 2021, Anime Hajime will be showcasing World Trigger, episode by episode. Follow along and witness as I either grow more and more excited or descend into utter madness.

Then on November 16, 2021, watch out for the official Anime Hajime Review: World Trigger.

With all that said, let’s dive into World Trigger, episodes 33 to 40.

Episode 33 – The Terror of Hyrein

Episode Synopsis

Osamu Mikumo will reach Border HQ within three minutes. To ensure his squadmate’s success, Kyousuke Karasuma activates his ultimate weapon, Geist.

Geist significantly boosts Kyousuke’s speed and attack power. However, Aftokrato’s Commander, Hyrein’s, Black Trigger easily comes out on top. Although he loses the fight, Kyousuke instantly informs Border’s forces of the details surrounding Hyrein’s abilities.

With Kyousuke out of the fight, there is no one protecting Osamu’s retreat. With Border HQ in view, Hyrein begins his attack, and soon Osamu has nowhere else to run.

Fortunately, Shuji Miwa, captain of the Miwa Squad, arrives – thus fulfilling a Yuuichi Jin prediction.

Though Hyrein’s Black Trigger is formidable, Shuji is, perhaps, the best Border agent to counter it.  

Episode Impressions

Aside from World Trigger’s general enjoyment, the aspect that has kept me with this Invasion Arc has been the thought of seeing Aftokrato dropping down a peg.

A few of the Aftokrato captains have been overtly arrogant, but they all have held Border in contempt.

Now, this series, so far, has given us some satisfaction in this regard. However, I know the story can do more. And it appears as though more is about to come.

World Trigger

Episode 34 – A Fierce Showdown! The Fight of the Best

Episode Synopsis

To Hyrein’s surprise and annoyance, Shuji Miwa continues to push the Aftokrato commander to his limits.

Elsewhere, Yuma Kuga is struggling to find an opening to take out the Aftokrato captain, Viza. Yuma realizes the old man’s experience far outweighs his own. Therefore, Yuma elects to employ a far more direct approach. He charges at Viza, and sure enough, the enemy is unaware of Yuma’s normal Trion body.

Unbelievably, Yuma defeats Viza and makes his way towards Osamu Mikumo.

Back at the entrance of Border HQ, Osamu makes a mad dash for the door. Fortunately, a combination of Viza’s unexpected loss, Border’s intelligence gathering, and Shuji’s power forces Hyrein and his last subordinate, Mira, to consider a once impossible to imagine outcome – a Border victory.

Osamu is only steps away from safety, and the battle is rapidly reaching its conclusion.

There are only seven seconds left before the crossroads of fate.

Episode Impressions

For a show with a lot of padding, it doesn’t waste time once it decides to move forward.

At the start of this episode, I would have believed the Invasion Arc had quite a bit to go. But no, everything is about to reach its conclusion in the next episode.

I don’t know how we got here so fast, and yet, here we are.

World Trigger

Episode 35 – The End of the Battle

Episode Synopsis

To reach safety, Osamu Mikumo risks everything by deactivating his Trigger. This act opens his physical body up to damage, and Aftokrato captain Mira lands a devastating blow. However, Osamu manages to toss Replica onto the Aftrokrato ship, forcing the enemy to make a swift retreat.

Sadly, to complete the mission, Replica willingly sacrifices itself and says goodbye to Osamu and his dear friend, Yuma Kuga.

With the battle over, Border begins collecting its agents that had become Trion Cubes and restoring them to life. Upon her revival, Chika Amatori runs to the hospital wing, where she joins Yuma in watching over a comatose Osamu.

Although the battle was fierce, Border succeeded in stopping the Aftrokrato invasion.

 Episode Impressions

Like I have said in the past, I enjoy the battle tactics of this show; there is a lot more strategy than there is pure strength. This has allowed this story to remain gripping for some time now.

However, following this Invasion Arc, I’ve noticed something. World Trigger has no sense of loss.

For instance, this episode made clear that Border failed to recover some of its agents. Most of the organization’s rank and file are teenagers. Still, these people are now gone. And I feel nothing for them.

Despite the scale of this battle, it would surprise me if more than twenty people lost their lives. In fact, the only death I know happened came from Aftokrato’s side.

World Trigger

Episode 36 – The Have-not

Episode Synopsis

Border begins its clean-up effort.

Meanwhile, Osamu Mikumo, who has recovered slightly, receives approval for a transfer to the local hospital. While there, many of Osamu’s fellow Border agents come to visit him while he is in his coma.

In his sleep, Osamu recalls why he became a Border agent in the first place. It turns out his acceptance to the organization was fraught with difficulties.

Later at night, Osamu finally opens his eyes. Waiting for him is Chika Amatori and Osamu’s mother, Kasumi Mikumo.

Episode Impressions

I’ll be honest with you; I can’t believe the amount of backstory in this episode didn’t occur during the Invasion Arc. I mean, the story took plenty of time to stop the action to tell other people’s histories; why not include Osamu’s.

World Trigger

Episode 37 – A Hero and a Partner

Episode Synopsis

Osamu Mikumo wakes up from his coma in the presence of his mother, Kasumi Mikumo.

Kasumi names the many visitors who came to see Osamu while he was asleep. A noticeable exception from the people listed is Yuma Kuga, who has been spending his time after the battle determining the fate of Replica.

Upon hearing of Osamu’s awakening, Yuma comes to see his friend. Although Osamu feels awful about losing Replica, Yuma firmly insists what happened was not Osamu’s fault.

Later, Border Business Director Karasawa meets with Osamu and takes him to a press conference. There, Osamu learns that Border is attempting to use him as a scapegoat to channel the public frustration over the invasion and the lives lost.

However, Director Karasawa brought Osamu to this conference to give him the chance to fight back.

Episode Impressions

Over half of this episode was utterly unnecessary. What good was there to learn about the different special awards?

Also, it turns out I was right. Border suffered minimal damage and 0 civilian deaths. Although the organization lost 6 of its own and Aftrokrato managed to abduct 32 C-Rank agents. To be harsh, while the loss of one life is a tragedy, Border’s defense was a resounding success with numbers like that.

Frankly, an invasion from an inter-dimensional force with better technology and top-class warriors should have destroyed the entire town. The fact there was a press conference at all is nothing short of a miracle.

World Trigger

Episode 38 – B-Rank Wars Begin

Episode Synopsis

Osamu Mikumo faces down the horde of reporters who seem hell-bent on destroying his reputation. However, Osamu boldly claims that he will go and rescue the C-Rank agents and all the other people abducted by Neighbors.

Following that ordeal, the B-Rank Wars begin.

Still recovering from his injuries, Osamu sits out the first few rounds. However, Yuma Kuga and Chika Amatori quickly outshine the rest of the competition.

Episode Impressions

I have completely checked out with whatever ranking system exists in this show. It thoroughly doesn’t make sense to me.

World Trigger

Episode 39 – Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad

Episode Synopsis

Having dominated the first round of the B-Rank Wars, Tamakoma’s newest team – Osamu Mikumo, Yuma Kuga, and Chika Amatori – is ready to take on their next challengers. However, the higher-rated B-Rank squads are no laughing matter.

Osamu pours over all the data he can get his hands on to devise the best strategy possible. Soon, he overtaxes his brain and becomes overwhelmed.

With a stern insistence from his teammates, Osamu joins Yuma and Chika for a relaxing day to clear their heads. While out, Osamu thinks he has just the plan to ensure victory.

Episode Impressions

These strategy-based episodes I have found to be my favorites. I enjoy seeing the thought process that goes into a battle, especially when someone like Osamu knows they cannot win a straight-up fistfight.

Likewise, it was nice to see the other B-Rank squads taking Osamu’s group just a seriously.

This is shaping up to be an exciting match.

World Trigger

Episode 40 – Setting off! Mikumo Squad

Episode Synopsis

Tamakoma 2’s next B-Rank Battle begins. In front of them are the formidable Suwa and Arafune Squads. Being the lowest-rated team in the match, Tamakoma gets to choose where they will fight. Surprisingly, they select a setting best suited for Snipers. However, this, too, was part of Osamu’s plan.

Almost immediately, Tamakoma manipulates the battle in their favor, and soon, their opponents are starting to drop.  

Episode Impressions

This was a simple setup episode. I don’t have much to say about it.

World Trigger

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Invasion Arc was satisfying; it gave us a chance to see Boarder in action.

That said, this B-Rank Wars Arc has my full attention. I am looking forward to seeing Osamu, Yuma, and Chika grow as a squad. I’m sure what they will learn here will help them when they eventually travel to the Neighbor’s world.

Thanks for following along with me. If you’ve seen this series and feel I am wrong in my descriptions, please let me know in the comments below.

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For Anime Hajime, I’m Odyssey, and I’ll see you next week as we continue World Trigger with Episodes 41 to 48.

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