4th Annual Highlights

The 4th Annual Anime Hajime Highlights: The Top Animation of 2021

It’s in the name. Although the policy here at Anime Hajime is to consider animation as a secondary factor (behind stories and characters), that doesn’t mean a show can’t blow us away with how beautiful it can be. 

Also, how can you not have an anime awards show without taking into account visuals?

There is something about animation that you simply can’t get from live-action. With animation, ideas are only limited by the imagination of the storyteller. Thus, if you get someone or a team who knows what they are doing, the result is literal magic. 

And with dozens, if not hundreds of shows a year, magic isn’t a matter of if but when.

These are the ten series with the best animation of 2021!

The 4th Annual Anime Hajime Highlights

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