The 2nd Annual Anime Hajime Highlights – Top Anime 10-1

The Top Anime of 2019 Part 2 – Entries 10 to 1

And so, we have come to this at last. Another year finished; another year past. We’ve sat through the muck, forgettable, and awful. But we have also witnessed the great, remarkable, and powerful.

What will come next is impossible to say. We can only look at what has come before to learn what may.

From comedy to drama, romance to fantasy. From the thrilling and the touching to heartbreaking tragedy.

Let us remember all that we’ve seen. For here, finally, is my list of the ten best anime of 2019.

10. Dororo

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2019 saw several remakes and reimaginings, many of which had nearly twenty years between the respective series. Well, that is nothing since the first Dororo story to air on television did so back in 1969.

I’m not sure how well made or entertaining the original anime is, but if it is even a quarter as good as its 2019 counterpart, then I look forward to watching it one day.

Word of warning; although Dororo may look like a bright, lighthearted show, its story and imagery can get quite dark.

9. Kono Oto Tomare

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This is the only split-cour series to make it into the top twenty. If I were to treat the two seasons of Kono Oto Tomare as separate shows, then I doubt either one of them would have made it (granted season two was quite good). However, this was one story, and together, what they created was something that cannot and should not be ignored, or missed.

8. The Rising of the Sheild Hero

To read my The Rising of the Sheild Hero review, please click HERE.

This was easily the best isekai anime of the year.

What The Rising of the Sheild Hero did better than its fellows was change one simple detail. What if the hero wasn’t treated as such?

Protagonist Naofumi was unfairly vilified and forced to fulfill his mission by often needing to resort to less than heroic means. Along with that, he took it upon himself to solve the problems of the people not only after they were attacked by monsters, but after the “heroism” of other heroes.

7. Demon Slayer

To read my Demon Slayer review, please click HERE.

If there was one thing Demon Slayer did, it was taking its time. This wasn’t a slow series. Instead, it was a show that ensured that everything received the proper amount of attention. Consequently, that means there needs to be a sequel since this first season was nowhere near enough.

Fortunately, given the immense popularity of Demon Slayer and its overall quality, future installments are not at all farfetched.

6. Astra Lost in Space

To read my Astra Lost in Space review, please click HERE.

This is when adventure meets science-fiction meets gripping mystery. Astra Lost in Space quickly became a series unique in execution and storytelling. Plus, this was a show that made it clear that one character need not support an entire narrative. In fact, it is the influence of others that makes a single person who they are.

With laughs, tension, and thrills, Astra Lost in Space needs much more attention.

5. Fruits Basket 1st Season

To read my Fruits Basket 1st Season review, please click HERE.

2001’s Fruits Basket is, and I doubt few will argue, a classic. Therefore, when news of a new series that would cover the entire story, people got excited. What I don’t think anyone expected, though, was for Fruits Basket 1st Season, which followed the same plotline as the original, to surpass its predecessor.

Take this as a lesson. Never should we assume that the older show is, by default, the better show.

4. Dr. Stone

To read my Dr. Stone review, please click HERE.

Although Dr. Stone was constantly setting up to be a longer story by readying itself for a season two, it didn’t forget to include aspects to make it one of the most enjoyable, funny, and entertaining shows of the year.

Dr. Stone appeared to have one goal in mind: To be as fun as possible. Considering that end, then I think it is safe to conclude that this series pulled off a resounding success, and its follow up cannot come fast enough.

3. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2

To read my Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 review, please click HERE.

At the time of this list going live, Attack on Titan The Final Season is scheduled to air in October 2020. Disregarding the fact that this franchise was one of the most famous of the last decade, the concluding chapter has to, at least, match a very high bar.

After all, and you can quote me on this, Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2, along with having the best animation of 2019, is the best Attack on Titan installment there has yet been.

Challenge me in the comments below if you wish.

2. Beastars

To read my Beastars review, please click HERE.

I’ll say it now, the animation of Beastars was not great. To tell you the truth, at times, it was pretty damn awful. But none of that matters since this series more than made up for its lackluster visuals by telling one of the best stories of the year, as well as giving us the best character of the year, Legoshi.

This show established itself as a powerhouse early on, and it only got stronger as the narrative moved forward. Here’s to a successful season two.

1. The Promised Neverland

To read my The Promised Neverland review, please click HERE.

In my review, I said this:

At the time of this post going live (April 2019), there is still so much of 2019 left to go. And now, the bar has firmly been set; and it has been set high.

When I wrote that, I didn’t expect it to hold, but if there was a series that could have done it, it was this one.

A phenomenal story, memorable character, terrifying atmosphere, a chilling mystery, and a seemingly unstoppable threat, it was all here, and it was all great.

I am saying it now, and loud:

The Promised Neverland was the best anime from 2019.

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Final Thoughts

I’m not sure why the opening ended up being a poem. Don’t worry, I would finish this that way.

And just like that, 2019 has come to an end. Although I try to get to as many series as I can throughout a year, I can’t review them all. So, if there is a show you think should have been on the list, let me know because there is a possibility I was never able to watch it.

Still, of what I did see from 2019, I stand by these ten being the absolute best.

What do you think was the Top Anime of 2019. Leave your thoughts in the comments below; we here at Anime Hajime would love to hear what you have to say.

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Thank you for following along during the 2nd Annual Anime Hajime Highlights. We will see you next time, and let’s hope that 2020 is just as good, if not better.

For Anime Hajime, I’m LofZOdyssey, and we will see you next time.

The 2nd Annual Anime Hajime Highlights

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