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Anime Hajime Impressions: Shadowverse – Episodes 17 to 24


The Set-Up

The idea behind this Impressions series is to give you a glimpse into the thought process behind an Anime Hajime Review. Plus, this is just the latest effort to bring you more anime content since it is hard to find time to watch a more than 25-episodes long show.

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With that said, please follow us along as we check out Shadowverse Episodes 17 to 24.

Episode 17 – Special and Ordinary


As the Shadow Grand Prix continues, players begin to secure the positions to make it to the final seven. It is here where we find Alice Kurobane and Mimori Amamiya continue their battle.

While they are fighting, Amamiya tries to determine why Kurobane appears so dejected despite being so strong at Shadowverse. Kurobane admits the adults in her life have crafted this image of cuteness that she must follow. Therefore, she can’t ever do anything she truly enjoys.

Hearing Kurobane’s plight, Amamiya encourages Kurobane to play the style she wants.

The two continue their match, and each shows the other some impressive moves. Amamiya also mentions how in her ordinary, she has looked up to Kurobane bright and awe-inspiring personality.

With the match’s climax coming, Amamiya plays her favorite card, Brilliant Fairy. She unleashes a devastating attack, bringing Kurobane’s hit points down to one. Seeing Amamiya’s determination, Kurobane decides to play her own favorite, not-at-all-within-her-image card, Skeleton Raider.

The battle ends with an unbelievable Kurobane victory, which allows her to rise to Silver Rank.

Although it was a loss, Amamiya was happy Kurobane got the chance to play to her heart’s content, and the two reaffirm their friendship.

Shadowverse - Episode 17

Episode 18 – A Terrible Trap! Zuo and Ko


Kazuki Shindo and Kai Ijuin run into one another, and instantly, Ijuin is appalled by Shindo’s utter incompetence. It turns out Shindo, rather than facing opponents, has been running away from animals all around the island, even going so far as losing his smartphone.

Ijuin points Shindo in the right direction, and the former thinks he has gotten back some quiet time. However, Ijuin is then set upon by a challenger, Zuo.

Although Ijuin is significantly strong, Zuo has an unnatural insight into Ijuin’s hand, almost as though he can read minds. In actuality, Zuo is working with an accomplice, Ko, to spy on Ijuin’s cards. Something Ijuin quickly realizes.

Ijuin exposes the ploy, but the damage might have already been done. Luckily, Shindo returns from the forest and stumbles upon the match. Since Shindo and Ko are both Bronze Rank (Ijuin and Zuo are Silver), they can join the game and turn it into a Tag Battle.

Despite their play styles being opposites, Ijuin and Shindo pull off an impressive win.

Shadowverse - Episode 18

Episode 19 – Bearers of Shadow


Observing the Grand Prix, Leon Aurenche is keeping a close eye on Hiro Ryugasaki’s progress. In a passing statement to his assistant, Aurenche reveals he was friends with Ryugasaki’s father.

Aurenche decides to send out the Shadow Knights to spice things up, opening a new tournament phase.

Back on the island, Ryugaski is frustrated that he is one point away from achieving Gold Rank but can’t find anyone to battle. Then, without warning, many top-rated Gold Rank players being to drop out in rapid numbers. The Shadow Knights have arrived.

Now, anyone who loses a battle is eliminated, regardless of points.

Disgusted by this change in play, Ryugasaki challenges one of the Shadow Knights. Similarly, across the island, Ryugasaki’s friends run into Shadow Knight challengers.

Ryugasaki’s Shadow Knight opponent knocks him down to a single hit point. But, since it is Ryugasaki, he has a protagonist’s protection and achieves yet another victory.

The Shadow Knights turn out to be the island staff members from before. Following Ryugasaki’s “unexpected” victory, Mauro Abelard, working with the Shadow Knights, appears and issues a challenge.

Quick Thoughts

This show, a baseline, is meh; it’s not impressive and rarely entertaining. However, it gets even worse whenever Ryugasaki is battling, which is damn near all the time. He can’t lose, and thus, there is no tension or excitement in a battle.

This is in contrast with episodes 17 and 18, which showcased other characters. I am not saying these fights changed things around, but, at least, there felt like something was on the line; there was something to wonder about.

Barring something utterly drastic, this series will play the same moves repeatedly until we hit episode 48. Fantastic (sigh).

Shadowverse - Episode 19

Episode 20 – A Smile That’s Black


Hiro Ryugasaki and Mauro Abelard begin their rematch. Abelard bets 16 of his points, which will force Ryugasaki out of the tournament should he lose. Conversely, if Ryugasaki wins, he wants to know why Abelard knows his dad, Eiji Ryugasaki.

As Ryugasaki and Abelard battle, Ryugasaki’s friends hold their own against the Shadow Knights, which is impressive since the Shadow Knights can effortlessly defeat far more experienced and skilled players.

Back at the Ryugasaki/Abelard fight, Abelard laments how Leon Aurenche favors Ryugasaki. However, no matter what he does, Abelard can’t break Ryugasaki’s spirit. Therefore, Abelard wants nothing more than to see the ever-optimistic Ryugasaki crumble in despair. And yet, sure enough, Ryugasaki comes out on top…again.

Having lost, Abelard tells Ryugasaki to head to the Central Tower if he wants to learn more about his father.

Shadowverse - Episode 20

Episode 21 – Battle of Destiny


While on his way to the Central Tower, Hiro Ryugasaki runs into Lucia Yonazaki. Despite his distraction, Ryugasaki agrees to battle Lucia.

The fight that follows is, more or less, a continuation of Ryugasaki and Yonazaki’s match during the National Tournament. No matter what Ryugasaki, Yonazaki claims he won’t change and how Shadowverse can never be fun for him.

Meanwhile, all of Ryugasaki’s friends are winning their way through the supposedly impossible Shadow Knights.

Shadowverse - Episode 21

Episode 22 – Conclusion, and …


Hiro Ryugasaki and Lucia Yonazaki’s match continues.

No matter what Ryugasaki says or does, he cannot get Yonazaki to admit that he likes Shadowverse.

As the two fight, the final seven players are decided. They are:

  • Hiro Ryugasaki
  • Lucia Yonazuki
  • Kai Ijuin
  • Kazuki Shindo
  • Mimori Amamiya
  • Alice Kurobane
  • Mauro Abelard

With the top-seven set, the Shadow Grand Prix comes to an end. Everyone is instructed to head the Central Tower for their last trial.

However, while this is happening, Ryugasaki and Yonazuki complete their fight, with Ryugasaki claiming victory.

When everyone arrives at the Central Tower, Leon Aurenche makes a shocking revelation. The world is facing destruction, and the seven champions were chosen to stop what’s coming. They must face the mysterious Tree of Woe.

Shadowverse - Episode 22

Episode 23 – Unknown Encounter


The seven champions’ final trial begins; each must face off in one last Shadowverse battle. While the other six go up against one of the Shadow Knights, Ryugasaki’s opponent is none other than Leon Aurenche.

As Ryugasaki and Aurenche’s match reaches its climax, Aurenche prepares to tell Ryugasaki what happened to his parents and how their disappearance is connected to the looming global destruction.

Shadowverse - Episode 23

Episode 24 – Blessings and Woe


Our story jumps back several years when Leon Aurenche and Hiro Ryugasaki’s parents, Eiji and Asagi, researched the so-called Tree of Blessing. One day, an accident occurred at the research laboratory, and the Tree of Blessing became the Tree of Woe. Asagi Ryugasaki, Hiro’s mother, was chosen as the Vessel of Woe.

However, the tale ends there, and we return to Aurechen and Hiro Ryugasaki’s match. If Ryugasaki wishes to learn more, he must win.

Aurechen pushes Ryugasaki to his absolute limits, even bring him down to one hit point. Then, for the first time, the thought of giving up crosses Ryugasaki’s mind. But before he can fall, Aurechen reminds Ryugasaki that his father would have never called it quits.

Returning to the flashback, Eiji Ryugasaki works tirelessly to save his wife. When all seemed hopeless, Eiji refused to stop and sacrificed himself to find a solution hopefully.

Finally knowing the truth, Hiro Ryugasaki learns that his parents are still alive within the Tree of Woe. Unfortunately, as he is now, Ryugasaki can’t make it to see them. Then, just as Ryugasaki is about to throw in the towel, Lucia Yonazaki, who won his trial, appears and reminds his rival that giving up is not something he does.

With that final push, Ryugasaki turns things around and delivers his most unlikely victory yet. He joins his friend, all of whom defeated their trials, to face their ultimate test.

Now, the champions must collect the seven legendary cards and bring them to the Tree of Woe and destroy its core.

Shadowverse - Episode 24

Final Thoughts

I won’t pretend it surprised me that Shadowverse became a way to save the world. Again, remembering the show from the late 90s/early 2000s, this is par for the course.

Therefore, I think I’m just going to say it. This series has no surprises in it. There will be nothing about this show that I will find unique or special. From this point on, I will primarily be operating on auto-pilot.

To the fans of Shadowverse, I really do hope I am wrong. I want nothing more than to see some good come out of this series. Unfortunately, my hopes are not high.

Thanks for following along with me. If you’ve seen this series and feel I am wrong in my descriptions, please let me know in the comments below.

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For Anime Hajime, I’m Odyssey, and I’ll see you next week for Shadowverse Episodes 25 to 32.

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