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Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 2 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 2 – “A First Job, a Girl’s Wish, and an Approaching Shadow” – April 14, 2022

Episode Summary

Wanting to maintain a low profile, Ard takes a simple quest to aid a small girl, Marca, gather herbs.

While out searching, Ard inquires about some rumors he has heard. Apparently, there have been some large boars. Still, he can’t help feeling Marca is keeping something from him. After some pushing, Marca explains she just wants to be helpful to her single mother.

Suddenly, Ard and Marca hear a noise from the bushes. Cautiously, Ard pushes back the leaves and finds a small fox-like creature with a hurt leg. Ard heals the tiny animal, who instantly bonds with the knight. Therefore, Ard names his new companion Ponta.

Deeper in the forest, Ard, Marca, and Ponta come across a clearing home to several valuable herbs. However, a giant basilisk, which has claimed the area, attacks. Although the beast is powerful, Ard easily bests it with a single move.

Before Ard escorts Marca back to her village, he notices the basilisk wore a mysterious band around its leg. But before Ard can investigate further, the band vanishes into thin air.  

Episode Impressions

I will continue to list this show’s standing as Poor for the time being. However, depending on how the next episode goes, I can see that shifting positively.

I’ve accepted that Ard will be yet another overpowered protagonist. Therefore, he will need a villain to help balance things out. Granted, this villain doesn’t need to be able to beat our hero. All that needs to happen is that when Ard fights, the showdown needs to be satisfying.

I make it sound like that will be easy. Unfortunately, experience tells me that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s see how Skeleton Knight fairs.  

Current Standing: Poor

Next Episode: April 21, 2022 | Next Update: April 23, 2022

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