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Episode 4 – “The Prestigious School’s Interview” – April 30, 2022

Episode Summary

The time has come for the family interview, and the Forgers are as prepared as possible. But from the moment they arrive at Eden College, they realize they are already under heavy scrutiny. With every movement, the fate of Operation Strix hangs in the balance. And as expected from a master spy, Loid Forger guides his family through this first phase of the test with grace and elegance.

With an impressive first showing, the Forgers arrive for the actual interview. Although most of the people conducting the process appear fair and kind, one legacy teacher, Housemaster Murdoch Swan, prefers to insult and badmouth candidates. Swan tries to do the same with the Forgers.

Despite giving their carefully curated answers, the constant insults from Swan begin to take their toll on the Forgers; even Loid is starting to lose his patients. Then Swan takes things a step too far. He asks Anya who she prefers, her current stepmother, Yor, or her birth mother.

For the first time, Anya’s happy and energetic personality breaks as she recalls the mother she lost. With tears in her eyes, Anya can no longer bring herself to answer questions. Even with Anya in such a clearly vulnerable position, Swan continues his abuse. Although Loid manages not to strike Swan, he does send a clear message that the interview is over. As the Forgers are leaving, Loid turns around and says that if Swan’s behavior indicates the teachers at the school, then Eden College is not as prestigious as he first thought.

The Forgers return home and trust that Swan’s objections are overruled. Because if Operation Strix were to end here, so too would their time as a family come to a close.

Episode Impressions

Yes. This episode was phenomenal. Spy x Family has only gotten better since its start. I know we are not even halfway through this series yet, but if this trend continues, we are not looking at the best anime of the 2022 spring. This could easily be the best anime of the year.

Just go watch this series if you haven’t yet. There was so much I didn’t talk about in the synopsis because me laying everything out word for word would be a massive injustice for you. You will not regret it.

But I will say this, that interview scene will stick with me for a long time.

Current Standing: Great

Next Episode: May 7, 2022 | Next Update: May 9, 2022

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