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The Dawn of the Witch Episode 3 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 3 – “Beyond the Steam” – April 22, 2022

Episode Summary

Following the revelation of Hort’s past, she wonders why no one in her party distrusts her now. Saybil explains that no one believes she will betray them now; Hort is simply Hort.

The next day, the party continues their journey, and they slowly grow closer. Notably, under Loux Krysta’s guidance, the whole affair is quite fun and comfortable. The students get a better idea of how their professor sees the world and what her goals are. It would appear that their mission, minus the rough start, will finish smoothly.

Suddenly, a young boy bursts across their path. He frantically warns them to hide; otherwise, they will be killed. With no time to figure out the situation, the party follows the boy’s advice, but to no avail. The lad’s pursuer, a beastfallen mercenary, discovers them and tries to take the boy. However, what worries the group more is how much this unknown warrior knows about them.

Loux distracts the mercenary as her students take the boy and run to the nearest town. The problem is, where they are heading may prove no safer.

Episode Impressions

It has taken three episodes, but I am starting to get into this series a little. Getting to know Loux better certainly helped; she might develop into a rather interesting character.

From what I am seeing, it feels as though this show has yet to demonstrate its full potential. It has all the elements to be something of note. And yet, it has held back.

I hope that this series won’t find itself in a position of too little too late.

Current Standing: Poor

Next Episode: April 29, 2022 | Next Update: May 1, 2022

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