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The Dawn of the Witch Episode 4 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 4 – “I’m Not Afraid to Die” – April 29, 2022

Episode Summary

Following the attack from the unknown mercenary, Saybil, Hort, and Kudo finally arrive in the village of their mission. They meet the local priest, who tells them they should leave this place. Two years ago, the witch watching over the village and who was to be the group’s supervisor fled. Since then, the area has been controlled by a far more vengeful witch.

Hearing this, Saybil comes to a horrifying conclusion. The headmaster of their academy must have known of this chance. Therefore, she sent Saybil, Hort, Kudo, and Loux Krysta here to get rid of them. However, Loux turns up and reminds them they should not believe the priest’s words so quickly without proof.

The priest shows the group to their accommodations, where Loux concludes that the headmaster had misled them. She thus purposes they should kill the witch who has taken over the village. Although Hort and Kudo are hesitant, Saybil agrees. He tells everyone he is not afraid to die, which greatly upsets Hort, and she runs off in tears.

Eventually, Hort arrives at the local church. But as she realizes she should have explained herself better to Sybil, the priest captures Hort as she is a traitor to the church.

With Hort being gone for so long, the rest of the group goes out to find her. They track her location to a cave in the middle of the forest. Saybil and Loux decide to venture onward, but Kudo thinks there is nothing more they can do and leaves.

Outside the cave, Kudo runs into the mercenary, who tries to recruit Kudo to his side. Kudo refuses, and the mercenary claims to have devoured Hort. This enrages Kudo, who challenges the mercenary to a fight.

Back in the cave, the village priest springs a trap on Saybil and Loux, and the latter loses her staff. Seeing their situation, they come face to face with the witch who has been at the center of everything.

Episode Impressions

Just as I am starting to get into this series, it goes and has an episode like this.

I won’t say it was terrible, but it was tough to follow what was happening. This show’s attempts to convey information make little sense; everything everyone says always appears to contradict something else.

Plus, my god, is this series’ pacing slow. It feels like every episode tries to end on a cliffhanger. While that is not a poor strategy, it becomes frustrating when only the last five minutes of a given episode are the only bits that are somewhat interesting.

Current Standing: Poor

Next Episode: May 6, 2022 | Next Update: May 8, 2022

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