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Episode 4 – “CROW” – April 30, 2022

Episode Summary

The shock from Coach Fukuda’s announcement hits the candidates hard. Realizing they are struggling this hard against players in unfamiliar positions causes many to lose whatever confidence they had left. Even Ashito Aoi stumbles and thinks he might have hit his wall.

However, Ashito remembers what his family has done for him up to this point. With one last push, he pulls himself together and fights to finish the match with at least one goal.

The next play proves challenging since most of Ashito’s teammates have spent their energy. Nevertheless, Ashito visualizes the field and finds his route. With unbelievable speed and foresight, Ashito sets up the moves and scores an incredible goal.

Following the match, the coaches conduct one final interview with the candidates. When it is Ashito’s turn, he does his best to explain how that final goal came to be. Realizing Ashito could verbalize, even a little, what happened, Coach Fukuda dismisses him.

Back in Ehime, several days have passed since the tryouts. Ashito has been anxiously waiting for the results with his friends when they realize Ashito has been holding a note from Coach Fukuda’s sister-in-law, Hana Ichijo. Ashito’s brother tells Ashito to give Hana a to see if she has any information.

Just as that call goes through, Ashito’s mother arrives with a letter from Tokyo City Esperion. Amazingly, Ashito has been accepted.

Episode Impressions

Again, not at all surprised that Ashito made got his acceptance letter. However, that wasn’t what I was hoping for the most. No, I wanted these tryouts to finish satisfyingly, which is precisely what happened.

This series’s secret weapon has been to illustrate Ashito’s ability to visualize the field rather than simply saying he can play soccer well. It has brought fresh breath into the tried-and-try sports anime formula. Keep in mind that most other shows in this genre rely on the obscurity of their respective sports. Aoashi is about soccer, and it’s hard to think of a more popular game.

Nevertheless, this series is demonstrating it has the potential to be something memorable.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: May 7, 2022 | Next Update: May 9, 2022

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