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Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 4 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 4 – “Infiltrating the Slave Market! In Search of the World’s Evil” – April 28, 2022

Episode Summary

Ariane Glenys Maple hires Arc to help her rescue the elf children who have been captured. Arc gladly accepts the request, and the two head to the town of Diento to meet up with a comrade of Ariane’s, Danka Niel Maple.

Naturally, Danka is warry of Arc and his intentions. But with the support of the cautious Ariane and seeing Arc’s incredible powers for himself, Danka reveals what he has learned: The elf children are being held in a warehouse in the city’s entertainment district.

The group breaks in that night, but what they discover confuses them. Most of the guards have already been killed. Arc, Ariane, and Danka split up to find the children. While searching, Arc accidentally comes across the mysterious assailant, a ninja. Fortunately, the presence of Ponta prevents an unnecessary fight (as well Arc knowing what a ninja is).

The unnamed ninja helps Arc by telling him where the children are as well as giving him a manifesto revealing that the town’s lord is behind the kidnappings.

The ninja runs off, and Arc relays his information to his teammates. The group finds the children and escapes.

With the children in Danka’s care, Arc and Ariane head to the lord’s manor to finish the job.

Episode Impressions

Sure, I’ll bump this series’s standing to good. Skeleton Knight has been satisfyingly consistent and is a nice little treat to look forward to each week. I just hope things continue along this path.

Also, it would appear we have finally met the entire main cast. I suspect we will learn more about the ninja (or, at least, their name) in the next episode.

Lastly, I do like that Arc’s overpowered-ness hasn’t been overbearing. It has certainly proven useful, but like in this episode, it didn’t save the day. So far, there have been plenty of chances for other characters, particularly Ariane, to demonstrate they can hold their own and succeed.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: May 5, 2022 | Next Update: May 7, 2022

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good episode. I recently watched the first episode, and that was really off putting, but thankfully things improved in the second episode. Good to hear that episode 4 is a good one too!

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