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The Dawn of the Witch Episode 5 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 5 – “I Decide Who’s Worthy” – May 6, 2022

Episode Summary

Saybil and Loux Krystas come face to face with the witch who has taken over the region, Zero, author of the famous and mysterious, The Grimoire of Zero. Even with their combined strength, Saybil and Loux can hardly do anything against Zero’s mastery of magic.

To complicate matters, a memory resurfaces in Saybil’s mind. Zero brought him to the Academy in the first place, and now, she wants to use his immense potential to grow even more powerful. If he only agrees to join her, someone far more worthy than the Dawn Witch, Saybil could become great.

However, Saybil rebukes Zero and chooses to stand with his friends. Then, just as the final blow is about to land, the tension dissipates. Zero turns to Saybil and tells him that, along with Hort and Kudo, they have all passed the test.

The village, the mission, and the apparent danger were a way for the Academy to determine if the three friends would be taught more complex and terrifying magic. Zero, in reality, is the witch who will supervise the field program, and both the father and the mercenary are her companions.  

That night, the group joins the rest of the village (who were in on the act) to celebrate the trio’s resounding success. According to Zero, all three have the makings to become the most powerful mages in existence, provided they put in the work.

Later, a messenger, the legendary Dragon Conqueror King, brings word that Saybil, Hort, and Kudo have been granted permission to use their magic freely, i.e., they are allowed to enter full combat. Naturally, such news will anger the anti-witch faction, but that is a bridge they will cross when they come to it.

As the party wanes, Loux tells her precious students that, for the time being, she will stay by their side and watch over them. For the moment, though, she needs a word with Zero.

Loux wonders why Zero had taken an interest in Saybil. Aside from Saybil’s unlimited magic, Zero confesses that Saybil is her nephew. Therefore, that makes him the son of Thirteen, the evil sorcerer who stole The Grimoire of Zero.

Episode Impressions

This episode might have been good had it not been the fifth.

Up to this point, the show has been leaning toward a confrontation between many different factions. To shift gears so suddenly as this was horrifically jarring. It is hard to see what direction this series will or can go in. Especially since I don’t believe The Dawn of the Witch will be longer than twelve episodes.

As a result, this show has precious little time to establish what it wants to accomplish. And given everything I’ve seen thus far, my confidence is not high.

Current Standing: Bad

Next Episode: May 13, 2022 | Next Update: May 15, 2022

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