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Episode 4 – “How They Each Feel at the Start of Summer” – May 1, 2022

Episode Summary

Yuu, Shikimori, and their friends eagerly plan what they will do for the upcoming summer vacation. Considering Yuu’s sensitivity to the Sun, the group decides that a nice barbeque alongside the river is just the ticket.

First, though, they all must get through their exams.

The friends head to the mall to “study.” But it quickly turns into a swimsuit shopping spree. Shikimori, in particular, wants to pick out something to impress Yuu. Although she does settle on the perfect suit, she is a bit too shy to show it off to her boyfriend just yet.

Soon, though, the exams begin, and Yuu’s poor luck has already caused significant problems. As he prepares for his next day of tests, he gets a call from Shikimori. The two spend a few hours talking to one another as they look out at the stars.

Episode Impressions

I think I will need to say this with every episode:

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie isn’t bad. But it is glaringly unremarkable.

I do not think I could come up with a safer series than this one. Thus, that is all you are looking for, then sure, this show is right up your alley.

With all that said – and I believe I mentioned this before – I do like that Yuu’s lousy luck is much more than a personality quirk. It has caused significant problems for him and is a complication he has learned to handle.

Unfortunate, that isn’t enough to elevate this show to any meaningful height.

Current Standing: Poor

Next Episode: May 8, 2022 | Next Update: May10, 2022

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