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Episode 5 – “I Can’t Die Now” – May 7, 2022

Episode Summary

The day of the recital has come, and Jumpei Murano quickly realizes that the stage is where he belongs. But, unbeknownst to him, there is much more going on behind the scenes. Most notably, this recital is a necessary steppingstone for Luou Mori. If he performs well, his teacher and guardian, Chizuru Kodai, will arrange for Luou to compete in overseas competitions.

The Godai Ballet Studio’s rendition of Swan Lake begins, and the audience immediately splits. Some respect and admire the technical brilliance of Luou, while others can’t look away from the raw energy of Jumpei.

The performance makes it to the final scene, and Jumpei completely throws the script out the window. Instead of his character dying, Jumpei keeps getting back to his feet. A giddy Jumpei and a furious Luou battle it out with their respective dancing, which leaves the audience in awe.

Once the curtain falls, the theater erupts with applause. However, some in the crowd were unimpressed by what they had just seen.

Episode Impressions

I do not claim to know the first thing about ballet. I cannot tell what constitutes a good performance or a bad one. That said, Dance Dance Danseur did a fantastic job illustrating that the “fight” between Jumpei and Luou was a powerful encounter.

Now,  I am nervous about what is about to come. I should have known that eventually, this series would introduce someone who would scoff at the work done by either Jumpei or Luou. I can already hear the vileness of the critique.

I guess what I’m getting at is that this show might be crossing into territory I know I have seen many, many times.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: May 14, 2022 | Next Update: May 16, 2022

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