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Episode 5 – “The owner of the inn they visit seems very nice, but…” – May 8, 2022

Episode Summary

Alvin and Clara stop at a small inn to rest. Although the owner is very kind and accommodating, Clara does everything in her power to insult him to the point where the owner transforms into his orc form. However, this does not stop Clara’s bad-mouthing.

Still, the situation ends well enough, and the duo gets a good night’s rest.

The next day, Alvin and Clara are out on a guild mission when they encounter an old woman. Little do the pair know that his woman is a conniving witch who plans to use the knight and the dark elf in her spelling cast. The problem is that the woman takes on far more than she bargained for.

Although Clara has no idea what the witch’s plans are, she stops them in her tracks. Eventually, Clara takes over the encounter, and the witch practically begs the pair to leave her alone. Naturally, Clara doesn’t listen and does her own thing.

Episode Impressions

So Clara was on fire in this episode.

Although she can be relentless, Clara never leaves someone she insults in a worse situation – unless they are Alvin. Miraculously, almost everyone our heroes meet end up pretty well.

Therefore, if I had to nail it down, Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer’s strength comes from knowing where the line is. While it can be harsh, this show never takes things too far. Clara and Alvin always remain likable.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: May 15, 2022 | Next Update: May 17, 2022

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