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Shadowverse Flame Episode 6 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 6 – “Courage Will Always Give You Strength!” – May 7, 2022

Episode Summary

Ren Kazamatsuri has never acted like the “typical” girl. She doesn’t care about fashion or make-up, and she has always had a love for things often associated with boys. Thus, she joined Fifth Sword, hoping that there would be less difference between males and females, but to no avail.

Things come to a head when Ren enters a local raffle to obtain the grand prize – high-value merchandise from her favorite hero show. Sadly, she only takes the second prize. Luckily, she runs into Seventh Flame’s Itsuki Mitsutagawa, Subaru Makabe, and Light Tenryu. As it happens, Subaru won the grand prize but actually wanted second.

Overjoyed, Ren runs over to propose a trade. The group gets to talking, and Subaru sees nothing wrong with Ren liking what she likes.

Then upon hearing Ren’s dissatisfaction with Fifth Sword, Light suggests she join Seventh Flame. Before she can answer, Fifth Sword’s club president steps in and accuses Seventh Flame of trying to steal one of his members and challenges them to a Shadowverse match.

Episode Impressions

I mean, this wasn’t the worse episode to come out of this series, but that isn’t much of a measure. Still, Shadowverse Flame does a lot better when it tries to focus on characters rather than its namesake. While I won’t act as though that is a resounding positive, it is what it is.

That said, we are about to jump straight into another match which makes me realize something.

If you have never played the game – and yet as watching this show – play it. You’ll be amazed by how much fun it actually is. This series is a terrible representation.

Current Standing: Bad

Next Episode: May 14, 2022 | Next Update: May 18, 2022

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