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Shadowverse Flame Episode 5 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 5 – “Do Me a Favor” – April 30, 2022

Episode Summary

Light Tenryu’s battle with the true president of Sixth Magic, Lady & Gentleman, concludes. Despite this being his second battle, his lack of experience, and the overwhelming skill of his opponent, Light pulls off a resounding victory.

As a reward for defeating him, Lady & Gentleman says he will grant Light one request. Light accepts the offer and asks Lady & Gentleman to join Seventh Flame, to which Lady & Gentleman accepts.

Following the battle, Light’s stock has risen quite a bit around Shadowverse College. People are coming up to him to show their support. Most also want Light to be the one to finally beat the brutal president of First Reaper, Haruma Hazeura.

Episode Impressions

For some reason, I suddenly remember the first episode introduced a much more significant threat on the horizon. I simply forgot about it since it has not come up again (and because it sounded idiotic).

I don’t think we are going to return to that plot point any time soon since we still need to save Seventh Flame.

Well, this episode made it a point to awkwardly indicate where the subsequent few battles will take place.

Also, now I am wondering. Is Light’s name supposed to be “Light” or “Raito?” I ask because when characters are speaking, it sounds like “Light;” The subtitles indicate his name is “Light.” However, when Light won his match, his victory card displayed his name as “Raito” – a.k.a., the Roman-ji, a.k.a., the Japanese-“Engrish” spelling.

I honestly do believe Light is “Light” and the crew behind this show could not be bothered to look up how to spell it.

Current Standing: Bad

Next Episode: May 7, 2022 | Next Update: May 11, 2022

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