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Episode 6 – “I Really Can’t Be Friends with a ‘Murderer’” – May 11, 2022

Episode Summary

Yuichi Katagiri reveals how he managed to pull all his friends to his side and expose Tenji Mikasa as the traitor. Although the fallout of the revelation is dramatic, it doesn’t solve the most immediate problem. Shiho is one move away from losing the Sugoroku Game, meaning she will need to face the next round alone. But Yuichi took this into consideration.

According to the rules, if someone reveals a lie told throughout the game, the liar will move one space ahead of the leader. Yuichi says that he was the one who said Makoto Shibe had killed someone.

Immediately, Yuichi’s friends can’t accept that Yuichi would sacrifice himself like that. But Yuichi tells them if anyone should go ahead, it is him. After all, Makoto may not have killed someone, but he has.

Yuichi’s friends find this information hard to stomach, but they still don’t want Yuichi to go alone. However, Yuichi says that his true personality has been dampened when around the people he has wanted to keep close. With them gone, his true power can come out, and with it, he will expose the Tomodachi Game.

Then Tenji steps forward. He also “says” he told a lie during the game. Thus, he and Yuichi move on to the next round together. This move confuses the moderators, but they want to see what will happen since this is, apparently, not Tenji’s first Tomodachi Game.

Episode Impressions

Although Yuichi has proven to be the only legitimately interesting character (granted, Tenji has been making strides), I find it hard to believe this show will abandon most of the main cast.

As such, I have no idea what this series is about to do. And what a strange combination being set up. Yuichi and Tenji are most likely going to be at odds, right? Right?

Still, I am hoping for a solid faceoff against the moderators.

Current Standing: Poor (Trending Upward)

Next Episode: May 18, 2022 | Next Update: May 20, 2022

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