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Tomodachi Game Episode 5 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 5 – “Yuichi-kun, You’re Pretty Dumb, Aren’t You?” – May 4, 2022

Episode Summary

Yuichi Katagiri appears to make his move against the traitor in his friends’ group. He suggests a way for everyone to reconnect and finish the Sugoroku Game on the same footing. For Tenji Mikasa, the traitor, he desperately tries to think of a way to undermine Yuichi’s plans.

Following the next round, not only does Tenji throw a wrench into Yuichi’s schemes, but he also sets it up so that any further suggestions from Yuichi will have no weight.

The game continues and reaches the final round, and Shiho Sawaragi is on the precipice of losing. Thinking he has achieved a complete victory, Tenji readies himself to close out the game. However, Yuichi speaks up one more time, telling the group he has thought of a way for the traitor to expose themselves.

Tenji tries to shut down Yuichi’s suggestion, but he is forced to go along with it after Yuichi says this plan is the only way to save Shiho. According to Yuichi, everyone needs to write they were the person who applied for the Tomodachi Game. If they do that, everyone except the traitor will move on to the next game.

Tenji goes to take his turn in a complete panic. He decides that he will use Yuichi’s kindhearted nature to get out of the situation if worst comes to worst. But when everyone takes their turn, Yuichi springs his trap.

Only Tenji wrote the confession; everyone else left their card blank. Tenji quickly defaults to his backup plan, but to his horror, the soft-spoken Yuichi is not the person he sees in front of him.

Meanwhile, the moderators realize the true extent of Yuichi’s gambit. Throughout the game, he had, apparently, laid three devious traps.

Episode Impressions

There are plenty of issues with this series. Still, I finally see a path this show could take to help it become, at a minimum, entertaining: Yuichi.

Seeing Yuichi’s plan come together and for it to defeat the egotistical Tenji so soundly, I won’t lie; that was pretty damn satisfying. For the first time in this series, I am highly interested in what the next episode will bring. Mainly, I want to know what Yuichi’s three traps were. Remember, we only got to see things from Tenji’s point of view; thus, whatever moves Yuichi set up, we never got to witness in full.

Ultimately, though, I hope Yuichi’s wit will turn on the moderators, who are easily the worst aspect of Tomodachi Game.

Current Standing: Poor (Trending Upward)

Next Episode: May 11, 2022 | Next Update: May 13, 2022

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