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Episode 6 – “Why Am I Doing Ballet?” – May 14, 2022

Episode Summary

Although the crowd loved Godai Studio’s rendition of Swan Lake, the judges were less than impressed. Not only does Godai fail to win any recognition, but Luou Mori loses out on the MVP slot. Enraged, Jumpei Murano loudly shouts his objections, but the head judge, Ayako Oikawa, rebukes him. She scornfully dismisses Godai’s – particularly Jumpei’s – dancing as nothing that should be considered ballet.

As a result of the recital, Godai Studio loses many of its students due to Oikawa’s words. After all, she is one of the most respected names in ballet.

Refusing to give up, Jumpei discovers there is a Boys Summer Class at the Oikawa Haruka Studio where the best students will be judged by Ayako Oikawa. Jumpei drags Luou along and forces their way into the class.

It doesn’t take long for Jumpei’s inexperience and Luou’s lack of confidence to come through. For Jumpei, he simply can’t understand that not knowing the basics of ballet is holding him back. The way he sees it, ballet can’t be fun if he can’t dance how he wants. But upon seeing the top-level Oikawa SS class, Jumpei finally realizes how far he still has left to go.

Episode Impressions

For the first time in this series, Jumpei’s attitude got under my skin. Sure, the judges at the competition were incredibly snobbish. Still, even I don’t think Jumpei has any genuine interest in ballet. Dancing, sure, but not ballet.

If he just wants to move the music, there are plenty of other avenues Jumpei could have taken. However, his flat refusal to apply himself to one specific discipline didn’t do him any favors, personality-wise.

I get that was probably the point, but unless things change, why wasn’t this just a dance anime? Why did it have to be ballet?

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: May 21, 2022 | Next Update: May 23, 2022

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