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Spy x Family Episode 6 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 6 – “The Friendship Scheme” – May 14, 2022

Episode Summary

As the Forgers prepare Anya for her first day at Eden College, Loid goes to learn the next step of Operation Strix. His target, Desmond’s, son is expected to become a member of the elite Imperial Scholars. As such, Desmond will surely attend one of the society’s many public gatherings. To get close, Loid will need Anya to become an Imperial Scholar, which is not a promising aspect.

Meanwhile, Yor takes Anya out shopping, and the two have a minor run-in with a group of thugs. Yor easily takes them out, and Anya wants to be cool, just like her mother. That night, Loid comes home to find his wife and daughter practicing combat moves. Again, the thought of Anya becoming an Imperial Scholar seems unlikely.

Orientation day soon comes, and Loid has arranged it so Anya is in the same class as his target’s son, Damian Desmond. On the chance Anya doesn’t become an Imperial Scholar, Loid hopes she will at least befriend Damian. However, even that prospect quickly goes out the window. Damian turns out to be a spoiled brat, and instantly Anya does not care for him.

Over the course of the day, Damian continues to egg Anaya on. It gets to the point where Anya straight-up slugs Damian. Fortunately, Anaya plays it off as her defending a new friend. Unfortunately, this action does cause Anaya to fall further away from the Imperial Scholars. Plus, the thought that Anya might become friends with Damian appears laughable.

Episode Impressions

Damn, Spy x Family knows how to throw a satisfying punch.

First off, continuing what I was saying last week, it was nice that Yor had more of a chance to spend time with Anya. Sure, the balance between Yor and Loid is still lopsided, but this was a step in the right direction.

Luckily, this wasn’t a Loid-centered episode. No, this was Anya’s show, and she knocked it out of the freaking park. Her attitude, comebacks, and facial expressions were all on point. I already knew Anya would be a great character back in episode one, but there is a high chance she might be one of the year’s best.

Current Standing: Great

Next Episode: May 21, 2022 | Next Update: May 23, 2022

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