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Aoashi Episode 6 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 6 – “First Fan” – May 14, 2022

Episode Summary

The big day has come, and Ashito Aoi is excited to start his first day at Esperion. With soccer all around him, including some of Japan’s brightest stars, Ashito is in his own personal heaven. He is eager to begin, and Ashito makes quick work of introducing himself to his new clubmates.

However, when it comes to dorm room assignments, Ashito’s roommate never arrives.

The next is orientation, and the Esperion coaches give a rundown of how things work at the facility. Then as coach Tatsuya Fukuda steps up, there is a great commotion outside. To everyone’s shock, a biker gang rolls up, and one of its members steps into the room. This is none other than Ashito’s no-show roommate, Keiji Togashi.

While all the other people in the room feel intimidated by Keiji’s delinquency, it doesn’t even faze Ashito. Although Ashito and Keiji seem to hit it off well enough, one of the other club members, Kanpei Kuroda, warns Ashito not to trust someone like Keiji.

With the excitement over, coach Fukuda announces a surprise match to introduce everyone. While everyone is preparing, Ashito overhears a conversation between the coaches. It turns out Ashito’s direct supervisor thinks Fukuda has been foolish to put so much stock into Ashito.

Despite this disapproval, Hana Ichijo steps up and proudly announces she is a fan of Ashito.

Episode Impressions

I do not see how this series can finish satisfyingly in one season. The way I see things, there are either plans to make this show into a franchise, or we will be getting twenty-plus episodes out of Aoashi.

Assuming one of those scenarios is the case, I am all for it. This series has proven to be solid each and every week. Although I wouldn’t call it my favorite show of the season, it is not one I dread coming back to. Hell, I always go into an episode wondering how things will shape up.

Definitely, for a sports anime, Aoashi has already left an impressive mark.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: May 21, 2022 | Next Update: May 23, 2022

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