Snapshots: Memorable Scenes From Fall 2021

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Fall 2021 – In Reflection

We need to address the elephant in the room. Anime Hajime began the Snapshot series to highlight the great moments in anime from season to season. As you’ve most likely noticed, there is no Snapshot post highlighting summer 2021.

That was not our way of saying the summer season was dead; nothing could be further from the truth. There were plenty of quality shows released in that period. However, while overall series might have been fantastic, there weren’t many moments that made us go, “Okay, now that left an impression.” Although we could have put together something, it would have been halfhearted and forced. Had we done that, it would have gone against the entire idea of the Snapshot project. 

Hence, we decided against releasing a Snapshot Summer 2021.

As for the fall season, the same problem didn’t occur. On the contrary, 2021’s final act proved to be quite remarkable. Admittedly, the following list is on the short side; we will only be showcasing six entires – still, quality over quantity.

Now, what constitutes a powerful moment will differ from audience to audience; what elicits an emotion in one person may do nothing for another. The following is by no means a definitive list, but less we forget, we here at Anime Hajime are anime fans too.

This collection of Snapshots is not in a ranked order. Instead, we’ve organized scenes on this list chronologically. Please check out our official ranking during the 4th Annual Anime Hajime Highlights (February 2022) to see what Anime Hajime considers the best anime moments of the year.


When reading through the Fall 2021 Snapshots, please keep the following points in mind:

  • SPOILERS are not only possible; they ARE LIKELY. Read on at your own discretion.
    • For reference, the following are the anime highlighted in this installment of Snapshots (listed in alphabetical order):
      • Blue Period
      • Komi Can’t Communicate
      • Mieruko-chan
      • World Trigger 3rd Season
  • All scenes on this list are precisely that, scenes. Anime Hajime is not claiming if a particular SERIES is any good. To find out more about a specific anime, please read through its official Anime Hajime review.
  • A memorable scene DOES NOT mean it is a happy scene. An entry on this list might be memorable because it is disturbing.
  • Feel free to add your own Snapshots in the comments below.

First Conversation

Komi Can’t Communicate
Read Anime Hajime’s review of Komi Can’t Communicate
Episode Title: It's just, I wish I could speak.
Episode Number: 1
Original Air Date: October 7, 2021

Komi Can’t Communicate is a show brimming with heart. More often than not, it is an adorable slice-of-life comedy. But with one of the most relatable characters to come out of anime, the titular Komi, there were plenty of instances when this series struck right at the core. 

And as it happens, one of Komi Can’t Communicate’s most potent scenes came right in episode one. 

This show didn’t need to rely on episodes worth of build-up to tell us who our main character was. We didn’t need lengthy explanations to understand the struggle Komi went through every day. In a single moment, we saw a person who wished to overcome her biggest fear. She wanted to better herself, but that first step was terrifying.

Thus, seeing Komi take that step was incredibly meaningful.

Tamakoma 2

World Trigger 3rd Season
Read Anime Hajime’s review of World Trigger 3rd Season
Episode Title: New Start
Episode Number: 1
Original Air Date: October 10, 2021

What made this moment so special was that it was the culmination of a long-awaited promise. Although this was just a season three, don’t forget the other eighty-plus episodes that came before it. Sure, Hyuse joining Tamakoma 2 wasn’t always a definite. But when the idea did come about, it was impossible not to get excited.

Yes, we could have gone with Tamakoma 2’s first outing as a four-person squad; it was a cool fight. However, seeing Osamu, Yuma, Chika, and Hyuse standing together in their uniforms, that was when it finally felt real.

For all you World Trigger fans, this was something that’s been a long time coming. Now, if only the Away Squad’s mission would actually begin.

Not By Its Cover

Read Anime Hajime’s review of Mieruko-chan
Episode Title: She Totaly Sees Them
Episode Number: 2
Original Air Date: October 10, 2021

Perhaps this show was a bit unfair. Death can leave quite an impact. Granted, Mieruko-chan was pretty dang solid in its own right. So, that probably had a lot to do with its memorability.

That said, this scene cut pretty deep.

Picturing it again now, seeing this tough, thug-like guy brimming with happiness upon picking up a stray kitten would thaw even the iciest heart. But the thing is, Mieruko-chan had a habit of going one step further.

To the guy, this cat was a reminder of not only the two he had already lost. It was a direct link to his wife, who had also passed. Just imagining it can bring a tear to one’s eye.


Read Anime Hajime’s review of Mieruko-chan
Episode Title: Yep, She Sees Them
Episode Number: 4
Original Air Date: October 24, 2021

There is no rule saying a show can only have one memorable moment. That said, this other scene from Mieruko-chan came out of total left field. 

Was there a need for Miko’s father to be a ghost? Probably not. Nevertheless, that is the direction this show went in. And yet, what is that thing hurting? Could it be your heart?

Keep in mind this revelation took place as this giant demon-like creature was just lurking in the background. Or, in other words, something else was going on that was pretty damn distracting. But that’s misdirection for you, and this series pulled it off spectacularly.


Read Anime Hajime’s review of Mieruko-chan
Episode Title: The Things She Sees
Episode Number: 8
Original Air Date: November 21 2021

As stated above, Mieruko-chan was a bit unfair.

Believe it or not, this series managed to pull off three memorable moments, each of which was incredibly heartwrenching. And for Anime Hajime’s Editor-in-Chief, Odyssey, this scene, in particular, was particularly difficult to watch.

When watching Mieruko-chan, Odyssey was a father-to-be. Therefore, watching the ghost of a miscarried child standing guard over their younger sibling was an unexpected punch to the gut.

Remember, Anime Hajime is made up of anime fans, and sometimes, external forces do come into play when viewing a series.

At Water’s Edge

Blue Period
Read Anime Hajime’s review of Blue Period
Episode Title: Wandering Knife
Episode Number: 9
Original Air Date: November 27 2021

What made this moment from Blue Period so powerful was the persistent tension. Was this series about to go down one of the darkest paths imaginable? When some shows suggest such a thing, there is usually little weight to them. Yeah, that wasn’t true here.

We had witnessed the immense stress Yuuki was under up to this point. It really appeared as though they had reached their limit. Thus, when our protagonist, Yatora, saw his friend standing dangerously close to the edge of the train platform, the fear on his face was as real as you can get.

This scene is certainly one that will stick with for a long time.


And with that, we close the book on another anime season.

Although Anime Hajime is dedicated to providing you with the most complete anime content possible, at the moment (February 2022), there is simply not enough time to get to everything. If there is a scene you feel should have been included on this list, be sure to leave us a comment below.

Additionally, if you would like to help Anime Hajime cover more series and topics, we are constantly looking for guest contributors. Please send us a message through our Write For Anime Hajime page. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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This has been Anime Hajime, and we will see you next time.

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