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Episode 1 – “Operation Strix” – April 9, 2022

Episode Summary

The nations of Ostania and Westalis are on the brink of war. Both sides employ spies to uncover national secrets and conduct espionage to stay ahead of their enemy. And the very best of the best is the Westalis agent codenamed Twilight.

For his next mission, Operation Strix, Twilight must stop an Ostanian diplomat who could spark a major conflict. However, this target is highly allusive, and only appears in public during his child’s school functions. Thus, Twilight must recruit a family to get close to his mark.

Twilight takes the name Loid Forger and heads to a shady orphanage to find a child to complete his cover. There, Twilight finds Anya, who appears to be quite intelligent for her age. But what Twilight doesn’t know is that Anya is a powerful telepath who can read minds.

Still, as far as Twilight is concerned, Anya will get the job done. However, he has underestimated what it takes to raise a child, even if only temporary.

While Twilight is out on reconnaissance, Anya gets into her “father’s” stuff and accidentally triggers a spy radio, which leads enemy agents to Twilight’s safe house. These men kidnap Anya in the hopes of getting their hands on the master spy.

Due to his conscience, Twilight cannot bring himself to abandon Anya. Thus, he runs off and saves his new daughter.

Following this ordeal, Anya successfully passes the entrance exam to enter the diplomate’s child’s school. Unfortunately, the next step in the process is a family interview. Therefore, father, daughter, and mother must attend.

Episode Impressions

Well, Anya is easily my favorite character of the spring 2022 season so far; she is so freaking cute.

Already, Spy x Family has an energy that makes it incredibly fun. This is how you pull off a first episode; you need to get sucked in immediately. I am upset that I will be watching this series as it comes out week after week. This would typically be a show I would prefer to marathon because I want to know what will happen next, and I want to know now.

I have put several high-profile anime aside to watch upon their completion. But as for the series I have peeked at, Spy x Family has taken an early lead.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: April 16, 2022 | Next Update: April 18, 2022

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