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Spy x Family Episode 2 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 2 – “Secure a Wife” – April 16, 2022

Episode Summary

With Operation Strix at a critical crossroads, Loid Forger – a.k.a., Twilight – needs to find someone to pose as his “daughter’s,” Anya’s, mother to ensure her acceptance into Eden College. Although he has investigated many possible candidates, getting some to agree to be his wife on such short notice is a tall order.

Elsewhere, Yor Briar is the butt of all the jokes at her office. Although she is young and pretty, she has not yet found a husband. And in this nation, such unusual circumstances are grounds for suspicion. At the same time, Yor feels the pressure to find a partner to ensure the safety of her beloved younger brother. But as she worries about this, Yor gets a call from her “supervisor.” That night, Yor performs her actual occupation as the master assassin, Thorn Princess.

Later, by pure coincidence, Yor and Loid run into one another at a shop. Loid is amazed by Yor’s perceptiveness, and Yor thinks she might have found the chance she has been looking for. But the interaction almost ended there had it not been for Anya’s telepathic abilities. As such, Loid and Yor agree to aid one another.

After an eventful “first date,” spy and assassin realize the other can serve a purpose. Thus, they decide to marry until their respective missions are over.

Episode Impressions

With Loid and Yor being the best at what they do, this series has opened the door to what might prove to be one of Spring 2022’s most entertaining shows. Let’s see how next week goes; I suspect our “family” will finally get their chance to work together.

As for this episode, it was a lot of fun; Yor appears to be a solid match for Loid and Anya. Heck, I cannot wait to see how mother and daughter interact with one another.

Call it a hunch, but my gut tells me this series will eventually be hitting the feels. Still, that doesn’t mean things won’t be hilarious along the way.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: April 23, 2022 | Next Update: April 25, 2022

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