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Episode 2 – “I Can’t Be Friends With Someone Like Him!” – April 16, 2022

Episode Summary

Miyako Kodai takes Jumpei Murao to a performance of Swan Lake. Jumpei takes little interest in the show until he sees the ballet’s three lead actors dance. Once again, he gets the uncontrollable urge to move his body. Following the production, Jumpei tries to recreate the moves he saw, but his lack of training makes it impossible to pull them off.

However, as he attempts to dance that night, Jumpei can’t help noticing how beautiful Miyako is.

Jumpei redoubles his efforts, but he grows a bit shaken when he gets a glimpse of something he doesn’t believe. Jumpei stumbles upon the dancing of the transfer student who has yet to appear at school, Luou Mori.

The next day, while Jumpei is practicing, Luou comes down to the studio, and his ballet outshines Jumpei’s in every conceivable way. Frustrated, Jumpei leaves for home, but Miyako follows him out.

While walking, Miyako explains that she hoped Jumpei could be the friend Luou has never had. To Jumpei, this was a stab in the heart; from what he heard, Miyako has no deeper interest in him besides becoming a companion for Luou.

At a loss, Jumpei stops coming to the studio. Then, without warning, Jumpei learns that Luou has decided to attend school.

Episode Impressions

Although I would say I am enjoying Dance Dance Danseur’s artwork, its style has yet to really match its energy.

From the last episode, it looked as though this show would forgo the melodramatics. While this episode didn’t fully introduce them, it strongly suggested they are on the way.

However, like last week, I have yet to grasp whether I like this show or not. Since it has made any real stumbles, I see no reason to consider this series’ standing as anything other than good. But I have to assume something is about to happen, right?

I am betting Jumpei’s upcoming rivalry with Luou will be the thing to make or break this show. If they don’t work, I’m unsure what other type of ammunition Dance Dance Danseur can employ.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: April 23, 2022 | Next Update: April 25, 2022

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