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Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer! Episode 1 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 1 – “In this world where monsters are rampant…” – April 10, 2022

Episode Summary

In this world where monsters are rampant, adventuring and hero parties roam the land for riches, glory, and fame. One such warrior is the knight Alvin, who finds himself in an epic battle with a ferocious bestial bear. The two foes struggle to best one another in a fierce struggle, and neither side appears close to breaking.

Then at that moment, a dark elf healer, Carla, pops up and asks if Alvin needs assistance. When Alvin accepts, Carla then wonders why Alvin isn’t getting on his knees to beg for her help. Completely taken aback by this comment, both Alvin and the bear stop their match to figure out what the hell is going on.

In an odd back and forth – one that greatly annoys Alvin – the knight and healer agree to form a party. This partnership is fine with Alvin since he plans to ditch Carla as soon as possible. However, things take an even stranger turn when Alvin doesn’t stop “moving” as Carla is trying to heal him (Alvan’s beating heart was causing problems). As a result, Carla accidentally curses Alvin. Now, if he is 300 meters apart from his healer, he will die – no big deal.

As Alvin and Carla argue, the bear Alvin was fighting, Mostly Bear, steps in to mediate. But Alvin crosses a line during the conversation, and Mostly Bear smacks the knight unconscious.

A few hours later, Alvin wakes up in Mostly Bear’s home fully healed, thanks to Carla.

Although he doesn’t like it, Alvin begrudgingly accepts Carla into his party.

Episode Impressions

I am not going to act as though I didn’t chuckle throughout this episode; I had a lot of fun with it. That said, I can see this series going in one of two directions:

  1. Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer will go full-throttle and become a wholly enjoyable slapstick comedy.
  2. Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer will become real gimmicky real quick.

Naturally, I am hoping for the former. At the moment, though, I am happy to have this series to look forward to every week.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: April 17, 2022 | Next Update: April 19, 2022

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