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Shadowverse Flame Episode 2 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 2 – “This Is My Brilliant Plan!” – April 9, 2022

Episode Summary

Light Tenryu meets with his friends Subaru Makabe and Itsuki Mitsutagawa to discuss how they might save Seventh Flame. Due to the intensity of their discussion, Light completely forgets to eat breakfast, which forces him to skip his first-class to find something to eat.

Unfortunately, at this time of the day, food options are scarce. Luckily, Light runs into Shinobu Miki, the President of Sixth Magic, who offers him a sandwich. A grateful Light then goes to see his teacher apologize for missing class. There he receives a manual on the basic rules of Shadowverse.

Later in Seventh Flame’s clubroom, Subaru and Itsuki remind Light that he needs to download his Shadowverse deck and meet his DigiFriend. Light looks at his cards and sees he will be playing a Dragoncraft build, and his DigiFriend is Knuckle Dragon Dragnir.

Dragnir and Light say “hello” to each other, but an astonished Subaru and Itsuki can not believe a DigiFriend actually spoke – there has never been one to do so. But Dragnir returns to the deck without another word before the friends can inquire more.

Turning their focus back to getting more members, Light says all they need to do is recruit people from other clubs. Itsuki agrees to plan and suggests they try Sixth Magic first; at the very least, President Miki won’t refuse to see them.

Light and his friends arrive at the Sixth Magic clubroom, and Light challenges Shinobu to a dual. However, this is Light’s very first match, so he doesn’t know the rules. Nevertheless, he boldly proclaims he will not give up and that his Shadowverse “has no end.”

Episode Impressions

I am only going to say this one more time:

The Shadowverse anime is nothing more than a cash grab attempt to capitalize on an IP without taking a single second to understand why said IP is what it is.

Instead, this animated series is a kid-ification of something that is much more mature and expansive.

With that said, Shadowverse Flame already has a wrong idea of what captures children’s attention. For one, ham-fisting in the basic rules of a card game that is far more advance for the target audience in the middle of your episode is probably not the best idea.

And yet, Shadowverse Flame has an opportunity to demonstrate it is – even in the slightest way – better than its predecessor. Let’s just remember, Light Tenryu has never played Shadowverse before, and his first opponent EVER is a club president at a school dedicated to turning out professional Shadowverse players.

In theory, there should only be one possible outcome. Do the right thing show. Do the right thing.

Current Standing: Poor

Next Episode: April 16, 2022 | Next Update: April 20, 2022

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