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Shadowverse Flame Episode 3 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 3 – “I Can Tell Because We Battled!” – April 16, 2022

Episode Summary

Light Tenryu’s match with Sixth Magic’s president, Shinobu Miki. Although this is Light’s first-ever Shadowverse match, he puts up an impressive fight. However, his inexperience and not-knowing-the-rules give him a disadvantage he can’t overcome.

Despite assistance from his DigiFriend, Light loses the battle. But his efforts impress Shinobu, and she acknowledges his potential.

Flattered, Light thanks Shinobu for a fun introductory game, but he wonders why she was taking orders from someone about what to play. Having been caught, Shinobu introduces Light and his friends to the actual president of the Sixth Magic, Ladies & Gentlemen.

Episode Impressions

I cannot be bothered to do a play-by-play through of a Shadowverse anime match. This one, in particular, was excruciating to watch. Also, this series has now officially rubbed me the wrong way.

It is clear that it was a mistake to have played the original Shadowverse game. In the previous anime, I only had to deal with a BS show. Now, I have to do that, plus actively KNOW this series is taking a colossal dump on something legitimately outstanding, complex, and fun.

My god, this episode was dull, and it is proof positive that Flame is going to be no better than its predecessor. Hell, it’s still early enough. It can get so much worse.

And this includes the fact that this installment had the balls to do something the first show couldn’t. The protagonist lost. Light actually lost.

If you have not watched the last series (don’t feel the need to do so), you have no idea how amazing it was to see this moment. Sure, the rest of the episode was absolute trash, and I hate that I have committed myself to watching this show to its bitter end. But for one fleeting second, Shadowverse Flame thought it was a good idea not to insult patience.

Current Standing: Bad

Next Episode: April 23, 2022 | Next Update: April 27, 2022

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