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The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Episode 4 – Anime Hajime Updates

Episode 4 – “Duel” – April 27, 2022

Episode Summary

Ard Meteor’s popularity is skyrocketing, leaving his best friend, Ireena Lits de Olhyde, feeling jealous. Then when Ireena walks in on Ginny Fin de Salvan trying to seduce Ard, that is the final straw. She challenges Ginny to a duel to determine which of them can go after Ard. But Ard himself quickly puts an end to this discussion.

Unfortunately, Professor Jessica overhears this argument and bursts in. Since the school wants Ard to become an instructor – but the noble-born teachers don’t want to work alongside a commoner – having Ard instruct Ireena and Ginny might be an opportunity. If the girls manage to win in an upcoming tournament, it will demonstrate Ard’s teaching ability.

Ireena and Ginny agree, and there is nothing Ard can do to talk them out of it.

The tournament commences, and the girls easily make their way to the final round. However, a hoard of demons launches a surprise attack. With everyone running to try and contain the situation, Ireena and Ginny find themselves fighting alone. Just as it looks like they might prevail, Professor Jessica reveals herself to be Elzard, the Frenzied King of Dragons.

With her power, Elzard manages to capture her true target: Ireena.

Episode Impressions

I admit I might be a little too lenient with this series. Then again, I have never claimed it was good. I have only ever said it was entertaining.

From this episode, it is clear Demon Lord is only entertaining when Ard is around. Sadly, this means this show has fallen into an all-to-common trap:

When there is an overpowered main character, no solution can occur without them present.

This means Ireena’s kidnapping isn’t concerning in the slightest. Ard will simply swoop in, save the day, and that will be the end of it. We might get some of Ireena’s backstory, but I doubt it will add anything to this show.

Current Standing: Good (Trending Down)

Next Episode: May 4, 2022 | Next Update: May 6, 2022

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