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Anime Hajime Impressions: World Trigger – Episodes 71 to 73

World Trigger

Episodes 71 to 73

During the winter 2021 season, the popular science-fiction action anime World Trigger received a long-awaited sequel. In addition, a third installment is scheduled for a fall 2021 airing.

For context, the first entry in this ten-part Impressions series released in September 2021.

Needless to say, World Trigger fans must be happy (about season two, not, necessarily about what Anime Hajime is doing). Granted, I can only guess at that since I can’t consider myself a World Trigger fan; I have not seen the show – yet. Nevertheless, I have heard this series come up in conversation once or twice, and I can appreciate how exciting a continuation must be.

As such, isn’t it our role here at Anime Hajime to highlight the newest World Trigger chapters? It wouldn’t be right of us to ignore big-name titles.

There is just one problem – World Trigger season one tapped out at 73 EPISODES.

That…that’s a bit daunting. Nevertheless, I intend to do it, and I would like YOU to join me for the ride.

From September 7 to November 9, 2021, Anime Hajime will be showcasing World Trigger, episode by episode. Follow along and witness as I either grow more and more excited or descend into utter madness.

Then on November 16, 2021, watch out for the official Anime Hajime Review: World Trigger.

With all that said, let’s dive into World Trigger, episodes 71 to 73.

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Episode 71 – A New Threat

Episode Synopsis

Border’s top brass are planning for a potential invasion. But given the attack from Aftokrator and the incident with Xeno and Lilith are still fresh in the public’s mind, Border wants to keep things as quiet as possible. Therefore, the Rank Wars will continue as planned.

Thus, Mikumo Squad is attempting to regroup after their loss. However, the team’s leader, Osamu Mikumo, realizes what his role of captain is. Not only that, Osamu has been putting in a lot of thought towards Yuuichi Jin’s words, “There is someone better suited to join Mikumo Squad.”

When Osamu shares his thoughts with the rest of Tamakoma, a most unlikely name comes up – Hyuse of Aftokrator. 

Although Osamu can’t believe such a possibility, he doesn’t immediately dismiss it. On the contrary, the more he thinks about it, the more it makes sense. However, Osamu also knows that recruiting a former enemy will require much more than asking nicely.

Wanting to learn all he can about Hyuse, Osamu heads to Border HQ to question the revived Aftokrator captain, Enedra. Osamu learns why the invasion force had deliberately left Hyuse behind – they saw him as a potential threat.

Episode Impressions

Since we have basically finished with this season, there aren’t many impressions for me left to say. Not only that, my actual thoughts on World Trigger feel pretty much set.

That said, it sure as hell doesn’t feel as if this series is reaching a season finale. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought this installment had another twenty-something episodes to go. Had I watched this show when it first aired, I wouldn’t have expected a five-year gap between chapters.

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World Trigger

Episode 72 – An Evolving Mikumo Squad

Episode Synopsis

With their next Rank War match on the horizon, the members of Mikumo Squad prepare in their own way.

  • Chika Amatori finds a way to be an effective sniper without needing to harm someone.
  • Osamu Mikumo discovers a more practical use for his low Trion Energy levels
  • Yuma Kuga continues to challenge everyone he comes across

Come what may, Mikumo Squad will take it on.

Episode Impressions

For the penultimate episode of season one, not a lot actually happened here. But then again, that has been this series – needlessly dragging things out.

I have enjoyed this show, but I won’t lie; its persistent padding has frayed my patients something awful.

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World Trigger

Episode 73 – To the Future

Episode Synopsis

Mikumo Squad is as ready as they have ever been. Osamu Mikumo even admits that he is excited about the upcoming Rank War match for the first time.

But little does most of Border realize, the next actual battle is happing right outside HQ’s walls. Another large invasion lands, and Border’s top agents meet this newest threat head-on. And for the older members of Tamakoma, they will not let this enemy ruin something so dear to their younger branch mates.

In the mayhem, Hyuse takes this opportunity to escape his imprisonment, and he looks for a way back to his home.

And at long last, the moment Mikumo Squad has long waited for starts…now.

 Episode Impressions


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World Trigger

Final Thoughts

It is a little hard to believe, and when you come across a long series, isn’t the ending always a little surreal?

Then again, this isn’t the end, is it?

No, there is still season two. Plus, this post is coming out while season three is airing. So there is still plenty of World Trigger left to go.

But before we get head-on to the next chapter, we have one more thing we must do. It is time for the actual review.

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For Anime Hajime, I’m Odyssey, and I’ll see you next week for Anime Hajime Review: World Trigger.

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