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Episode 3 – “Despite the terrible time he’s been having…” – April 24, 2022

Episode Summary

As they continue traveling, Alvin asks Clara the question he has been wondering for a while:

“Is she actually a healer.”

Clara grows noticeably offended by this inquiry, but she does little to prove her claim. Fortunately, a mushroom monster crosses their path. Clara offers to buff Alvin to help him defeat it, but the sinister nature of the spell forces Alvin to dodge. Luckily, he did, too, since the supposed charm instantly knocks out the mushroom.

The ensuring argument allows the mushroom time to recover. The monster challenges Alvin, but it is pretty apparent the mushroom isn’t the strongest of creatures. Nevertheless, a duel commences – and Alvin goes down in a single hit.

Clara and the mushroom bring Alvin to a nearby cave to recover. This gives Clara another chance to prove she is a healer, but her methods turn out to be quite frightening. Still, the knight and his “healer” push onward. But since they are concerned for the pair’s safety, the mushroom, who introduces themselves as Altargaia, joins the party.

Episode Impressions

It is getting harder and hard to give my impressions of this series. This show’s silliness has been consistent throughout the last three episodes, and it works phenomenally.

The banter between Alvin and Clara is hilarious. Plus – thus far – every secondary character to come into the story has only added to Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer’s comedy.

Even though I am recording my thoughts on this show every week – and is, therefore, kind of like an assignment – it is something I have grown to look forward to.

Current Standing: Good

Next Episode: May 1, 2022 | Next Update: May 3, 2022

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