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Anime Hajime Impressions: World Trigger – Episodes 56 to 62

World Trigger

Episodes 56 to 62

During the winter 2021 season, the popular science-fiction action anime World Trigger received a long-awaited sequel. In addition, a third installment is scheduled for a fall 2021 airing.

For context, the first entry in this ten-part Impressions series released in September 2021.

Needless to say, World Trigger fans must be happy (about season two, not, necessarily about what Anime Hajime is doing). Granted, I can only guess at that since I can’t consider myself a World Trigger fan; I have not seen the show – yet. Nevertheless, I have heard this series come up in conversation once or twice, and I can appreciate how exciting a continuation must be.

As such, isn’t it our role here at Anime Hajime to highlight the newest World Trigger chapters? It wouldn’t be right of us to ignore big-name titles.

There is just one problem – World Trigger season one tapped out at 73 EPISODES.

That…that’s a bit daunting. Nevertheless, I intend to do it, and I would like YOU to join me for the ride.

From September 7 to November 9, 2021, Anime Hajime will be showcasing World Trigger, episode by episode. Follow along and witness as I either grow more and more excited or descend into utter madness.

Then on November 16, 2021, watch out for the official Anime Hajime Review: World Trigger.

With all that said, let’s dive into World Trigger, episodes 56 to 62.

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Episode 56 – The Secret of Lilith

Episode Synopsis

Following the battle with the massive Trion Soldier, Mikumo Squad, Xeno, and Lilith head to the local pool to wind down. Having now fought side by side, Xeno begins to trust his hosts a bit more, especially Osamu Mikumo.

Although everyone is having a fun time, Osamu knows he has seen someone, or something, spying on them. He warns the group to be on high alert, and everyone goes to investigate. 

Sure enough, a water-based Trion Soldier has been stalking them, and Osamu and his team ready for battle. However, given their location, this particular Trion Soldier proves to be quite tricky. 

From afar, Giev and his partner, Charon, watch as their attack pushes their enemies to their limits. 

The fight soon leads to the roof, and Osamu thinks they have the advantage. Unfortunately, our heroes had walked straight into Giev’s trap. Osamu notices his mistake just a moment too late. 

The Trion Soldier bears down on what appears to be a helpless Lilith. But unbelievably, Lilith unleashes her true power and instantly vaporizes the Trion Soldier. In the confusion, no one can stop Giev as he takes Osamu hostage.

Episode Impressions

Aside from the revelation with Lilith, this was World Trigger’s swimsuit episode; frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for it to happen. 

I am glad to see Xeno has calmed down significantly; he is no longer obnoxiously aggressive. 

Lastly, Giev actually made a move that wasn’t laughably underwhelming. He has not been this show’s best antagonist, that much is sure. 

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World Trigger

Episode 57 – Xeno and Lilith

Episode Synopsis

The story flashes back to Xeno and Lilith’s time on their home planet, Ergates. It turns out that Lilith is a highly advanced Trion Soldier created for destruction. Although most of the people on Egates treated Lilith as a tool, Xeno was the only one who saw her as a human.

The two became fugitives when Xeno and Lilith escaped the planet when they learned officials were preparing to wipe Lilith’s memories.

Returning to our story, Mikumo Squad is desperately searching for their kidnapped leader. But unless Osamu Mikumo sends a signal to his location, there is little they can do. At the same time, a tied-up Osamu confronts an unmoving Giev. 

Giev demands Osamu give up Lilith in exchange for his friends’ lives. Naturally, Osamu refuses and desperately tries to find a way to get in touch with his comrades. 

As soon as Osamu sees an opening, he rushes Giev, who has been holding onto Osamu’s Trigger. Although it is only for a moment, Osamu activates his Trigger. Giev quickly subdues Osamu, but a message to Mikumo Squad makes it out.

Episode Impressions

It is hard to take Giev’s seriously when Osamu and his friends have successfully stopped him at nearly every step. The show keeps building up Giev as this serious threat, but I have not seen it so far.

When we compare this story arc to the Invasion storyline, there is a noticeable lack of tension. Not for one second am I worried about the safety of our heroes.

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World Trigger

Episode 58 – The Captured Osamu

Episode Synopsis

After receiving Osamu Mikumo’s signal, Yuma Kuga, Chika Amatori, and Xeno rush to the rescue. Once they arrive at Giev’s base, the trio immediately falls into a trap and becomes separated. 

Yuma heads forward alone while Chika and Xeno search for Osamu. 

Soon, Yuma comes across Giev himself. Before Yuma can make a move, Giev traps him in a virtual world. Inside, Yuma faces Trio Soldiers from his memory. After a while, Yuma beats every opponent thrown at him, so Giev decides to send out a unique enemy – a false image of Replica. However, instead of draining Yuma of the will to fight, Giev succeeded in infuriating him.

Yuma activates his Black Trigger and breaks out.

Meanwhile, Osamu manages to escape his cell and runs into Chika and Xeno. The three then hurry to rendezvous with Yuma.

 Episode Impressions

I sometimes forget that Yuma isn’t constantly using his Black Trigger. No, he is naturally skilled and can take out most enemies with his normal power. As a result, when he does need to use his Black Trigger, it is always a pretty epic moment.

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World Trigger

Episode 59 – The Two Black Triggers

Episode Synopsis

Yuma Kuga challenges Giev, who turns out to be a Black Trigger user as well. The combination of Giev and Charon is a formidable match, and Yuma can barely hold them back.

Elsewhere, Osamu Mikumo, Chika Amatori, and Xeno are having their own difficulties. As they try to get closer to where Yuma is, they keep running into Giev’s Trion Soldiers. The three realize the Trion Soldiers have surrounded them, so they must make a reckless move. 

Xeno sets off a huge explosion, which stops the Trion Soldiers and leaves Osamu and Chika trapped in the resulting debris. Xeno, not knowing this, has no choice but to continue forward. Eventually, he finds where Yuma and Giev are fighting.

Xeno tells Yuma to go and help Osamu and Chika while he takes care of Giev. The resulting battle is fierce, but Giev has a clear advantage. And while they are fighting, Giev drops many hints that he has some connection with Xeno, a connection Xeno has no knowledge of. 

Just as Giev is about to overwhelm Xeno, Lilith arrives in her powerful Trion Soldier form. 

Giev cannot understand why Lilith, the pride of Ergates, would protect someone like Xeno. The resulting energy from an enraged Giev and an unstoppable Lilith destroys everything in its wake. 

Aftward, the older members of Tamakoma arrive and rescue Osamu and Chika. They also collect Yuma, Xeno, and Lilith and bring them back to safety.

Episode Impressions

I’ll say it as many times as necessary, Giev is not an interesting character. 

Granted, I will amend my outlook a little and concede that something might change. Once we get a bit more background about Giev – which is something this show is good at doing – my opinion of him may improve.

We shall see, though.

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World Trigger

Episode 60 – The Adventure of Yotaro

Episode Synopsis

As everything with Xeno, Lilith, and Giev is going on, back at Tamakoma HQ, the branch’s resident cheerleader and self-appointed number one agent, Yotaro Rindo, cannot believe that everyone went on a top-secret mission without him.

But since Yatoro knows the pride and safety of Tamakoma is on his shoulders, he decides to follow his comrades to battle. Thus, Yatoro and his trusty steed, the capybara Raijin-maru, are off on their adventure.

Episode Impressions

This was just a random filler episode. There isn’t a lot to talk about. It was fun, silly, and cute, but not much more than that.

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World Trigger

Episode 61 – Truth and Lies

Episode Synopsis

Giev’s setback after losing to Lilith puts him in a bind. In less than a day, Xeno and Lilith will escape to another planet.

Therefore, Giev unleashes a full assault on Border’s training camp, where he assumes his targets are residing. Defending the camp is Tamakoma’s first squad – Reiji Kizaki, Kirie Konami, and Kyosuke Karasuma. The battle is intense, but it would appear as though Giev is pulling ahead. However, Tamakoma demonstrates why they are Border’s strongest.

Tamakoma pushes Giev to the brink. This forces Charon to enact the backup plan. Except, Giev did not know of such a plan. He is furious to learn he has only ever been a pawn similar to Lilith.

The final confrontation looks as if it is about to begin.

Episode Impressions

I enjoyed this episode immensely. We got to see Tamakoma kick all kinds of ass, giving Giev a satisfying smackdown.

So far, whenever World Trigger says someone or some group is the strongest, this show has – usually – meant it. I like to see that consistency.

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World Trigger

Episode 62 – Giev and Charon

Episode Synopsis

Like Lilith, Giev is a Humanoid Trion Soldier. Not only that, his memories have been altered or deleted, hence why he has an unfounded hatred towards Xeno. Now Giev stares down the Tamakoma Branch as a mindless monster hell-bent on destruction.

However, by happenstance, Giev notices it is sunset, and the beauty of it calms him down enough to return to his human form. An annoyed Charon takes Giev and makes a temporary retreat.

While Tamakoma wishes to pursue, they have bigger problems on their hands. Charon has taken the entire nearby city hostage and is draining the citizenry of their Trion Energy.

Later that night, the Mikumo Squad, Xeno, and Lilith strategize how they will face Giev, who is sure to be attacking soon. Just then, the entire ground begins to shake, and a massive Trion wall rises around our heroes’ base. Having trapped Mikumo Squad away from possible reinforcements, a fully powered Giev arrives.

The ensuing battle is intense, and the members of the Mikumo Squad are struggling to defend themselves. Seeing this, Lilith steps forward and pleads with Giev to remember who he is. For a moment, Lilith’s words seem to resonate with Giev. However, he brushes them aside and absorbs Lilith into himself.

With the power of two advanced Trion Soldiers, the beast transforms once again.

Episode Impressions

Although Giev’s motivations make more sense, it doesn’t make up for his lackluster performances before. His attacks have been mostly arrogance-driven, and as a result, he has only looked like a pushover. And that is despite what this show may have been building up.

Still, this new challenge may turn out differently.

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World Trigger

Final Thoughts

It is hard to believe we are so close to the end of season one; it honestly feels as if this show could keep going. Then again, it does. After all, World Trigger seasons two and three exist. 

I have to wonder how season one is going to end. But I can tell you this:

There has been no reason why this series needed to be this long. Sure, it has been enjoyable, but the pacing hasn’t been great; it takes an unnecessarily long time to do anything. And from what I can see, World Trigger seasons two and three are standard length shows.

That gives me something to look forward to.

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For Anime Hajime, I’m Odyssey, and I’ll see you next week as we continue World Trigger with Episodes 63 to 70.

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  1. When I watched World Trigger last year, I really liked it. Unfortunately, 2020 being 2020, I wasn’t able to keep up with it. I think I got to like episode 25-ish before I had to stop watching anime for a while. Your post was a great update and really interesting, thank you!

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